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29 Apr 2015

GPZ 7000 battery options and compatibility with CTX 3030 batteries

The GPZ 7000 uses an advanced internal regulated power supply designed to provide maximum efficiency from the Minelab Li-Ion battery packs. Due to the high power requirements of the GPZ 7000, it is NOT designed to be used with the CTX 3030 alkaline battery pack, or individual AA cells.  

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15 Aug 2014

SDC 2300 Battery Compartment - Care and Maintenance

In the majority of instances, inserting the batteries into the detector should result in trouble-free operation, but if intermittent power problems are experienced, here are three tips that may help overcome any difficulties:

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05 Apr 2013

CTX 3030 screen curvature

A convex curvature of the CTX 3030 screen may be noticeably different from one machine to another.

Some variation in curvature is a normal part of the design and process when creating a watertight and water pressure resistant structure and is well within tolerance. It will not affect the display and should not affect your detecting experience.

As always, should you have any concerns with your Minelab product, please contact the Customer Care Centre at your nearest regional Minelab office.

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04 Sep 2012

CTX 3030 Battery Sealing – Care and Maintenance

With care and maintenance, the installed battery forms a water tight fit to the detector. However in some instances a few customers have reported the CTX 3030 battery seal leaking.

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17 Aug 2012

Anti-virus problems with XChange 2

Some anti-virus products can generate false-positive alerts when installing or upgrading the XChange 2 PC application.

In cases where the anti-virus product removes files and places them into quarantine automatically, the XChange 2 application will fail to upgrade and report unexpected errors.

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12 Jul 2012

CTX screw discolouration

The external screws on the CTX3030 are marine grade 316 stainless steel. These are then blackened for cosmetic purposes. It has come to our attention that a batch of blackened screws used in the initial production run was supplied to Minelab with a faulty blackening process. The issue is typically highlighted when the unit is immersed for some time into sea-water.

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29 Jun 2012

CTX 3030 screen, polarisation and polarising effects

A “rainbow effect” may be visible in the CTX 3030 screen under certain lighting conditions; this effect is exacerbated if wearing polarized sunglasses.

This is a common phenomenon seen in many products that have pressure sealed transparent surfaces, as shown below.

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28 Jun 2012


The XChange 2 software version 1.0.31 has an incompatibility with older versions of the Internet Explorer web browser that may result in an inability to access some sites such as Facebook and YouTube.

The current release of XChange 2 software version 1.6.9-1.0.33 resolves this incompatibility, so new installations will work fine. This notice has been updated, effective 12th July, 2012.

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18 Jun 2012

UPDATE: 15" Commander Coils

commander coil colour example

As previously advised in the 15" Commander Coils product notice of July 2011, due to high levels of demand, the plastic used to manufacture the 15”x12” elliptical coils in Minelab’s Commander Coil range was sourced from two different suppliers. As a result Minelab experienced slight variations in coil colour, some white and others off-white or cream.

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05 Jun 2012

X-TERRA Coil Compatibility

As part of ongoing product improvements to our X-TERRA series of ADVENTURE detectors, Minelab has recently updated our VFLEX technology with improved coil-to-detector digital communications protocols.

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31 May 2012

XChange 2 Multi-Language Compatibility Upgrade

The first version of XChange 2 (1.6.7-1.0.30), initially available for download on May 18th 2012, and supplied on CD with the first CTX 3030 detectors, may not be fully compatible with some PCs.

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13 Jul 2011

15" Commander Coils

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