Stolen GPX-4500 metal detectors

Recently, Minelab have had a shipment of GPX-4500 metal detectors stolen, and these units have now been appearing on the gray market and on sites like eBay. If you are not buying from an authorised dealer, please refer to our list of known stolen GPX-4500 serial numbers before making the purchase.

While Minelab has a transferrable warranty policy, stolen goods are not covered by this policy. This information is provided to protect our legitimate customers. If you have any information about the stolen property, please contact your local police station or Minelab.

Control Box Coil
B6017851 C6068312
B6017869 C6069128
B6017910 C6068313
B6017962 C6063749
B6018452 C6063270
B8011963 C6067799
B8011974 C6074581
B8011983 C6067296
B8011989 C6064700
B8013011 C6067397
B8013338 C6068262
B8013361 C6067698
B8013368 C6069316
B8013371 C6069274
B8013431 C6068310
B8013441 C6069470
B8013442 C6069510
B8013444 C6069511
B8013453 C6068186
B8013454 C6068254
B8013458 C6068251
B8013459 C6068183
B8013465 C6069516
B8013468 C6069521
B8013475 C6069478
B8013488 C6068124
B8013489 C6068286
B8013501 C6069480
B8013508 C6069504
B8013513 C6069421
B8013526 C6068386
B8013527 C6069499
B8013529 C6069561
B8013530 C6067890
B8013551 C6068285
B8013558 C6069525
B8013560 C6069407
B8013568 C6069464
B8013574 C6069467
B8013580 C6068249
B8013581 C6068228
B8013582 C6069452
B8013584 C6069437
B8013586 C6069451
B8013589 C6068241
B8013594 C6069428
B8013595 C6068256
B8013598 C6069485
B8013601 C6069457
B8013602 C6069434
B8013605 C6069424
B8013607 C6068282
B8013608 C6069465
B8013609 C6069371
B8013616 C6069419
B8013619 C6068222
B8013620 C6069472
B8013621 C6068287
B8013623 C6069448
B8013624 C6068293
B8013626 C6069383
B8013628 C6067740
B8013631 C6069469
B8013632 C6069250
B8013633 C6068288
B8013634 C6068219
B8013639 C6069502
B8013641 C6069498
B8013643 C6068220
B8013644 C6068217
B8013646 C6068271
B8013647 C6069509
B8013648 C6069453
B8013658 C6069427
B8013659 C6068278
B8013663 C6067737
B8013664 C6069193
B8013665 C6068258
B8013668 C6068252
B8013669 C6069477
B8013670 C6068272
B8013674 C6068033
B8013679 C6069245
B8013682 C6068015
B8013685 C6069075
B8013686 C6068381
B8013688 C6068301
B8013694 C6068026
B8013696 C6069639
B8013699 C6069609
B8013701 C6069038
B8013706 C6069208
B8013709 C6068382
B8013714 C6069039
B8013729 C6067942
B8013747 C6067452
B8013753 C6067829
B8013756 C6068417
B8013759 C6067610
B8013769 C6067664
B8013772 C6067678
B8013773 C6067679
B8013774 C6067621
B8013776 C6068402
B8013777 C6068038
B8013794 C6068031
B8013799 C6067624
B8013801 C6067708
B8013802 C6067674
B8013804 C6067507
B8013805 C6068078
B8013813 C6069149
B8013818 C6068401
B8013821 C6068070
B8013823 C6067985
B8013824 C6067619
B8013836 C6068062
B8013843 C6068014
B8013846 C6068398
B8013861 C6082582
B8013866 C6067543
B8013880 C6067615
B8013882 C6067684
B8013884 C6067605
B8013886 C6067604
B8013888 C6067681
B8013890 C6067669
B8013891 C6067667
B8013893 C6067618
B8013894 C6069045
B8013896 C6067838
B8013899 C6067992
B8013901 C6067668
B8013902 C6067672
B8013904 C6069020
B8013906 C6067987
B8013907 C6069040
B8013912 C6068404
B8013916 C6067975
B8013918 C6067947
B8013919 C6067523
B8013932 C6067911
B8013934 C6067738
B8013935 C6067750
B8013937 C6067993
B8013940 C6068022
B8013948 C6067774
B8013952 C6069035
B8013953 C6067739
B8013955 C6067998
B8013957 C6067853
B8013959 C6067926
B8013962 C6067967
B8013973 C6067999
B8013974 C6067784
B8013980 C6067922
B8013981 C6067997
B8013987 C6067857
B8013990 C6067873
B8013991 C6067948
B8013992 C6067927
B8014000 C6068376
B8014014 C6069538
B8014015 C6069539
B8014017 C6068405
B8014021 C6067978
B8014025 C6069044
B8014028 C6067933
B8014031 C6067977
B8014041 C6067925
B8014061 C6067611
B8014064 C6067812
B8014080 C6067892
B8014081 C6067811
B8014086 C6067522
B8014087 C6067520
B8014088 C6067542
B8014089 C6067492
B8014096 C6067697
B8014102 C6067547
B8014117 C6067612
B8014123 C6067979
B8014125 C6067809
B8014129 C6067995
B8014132 C6067921
B8014134 C6067521
B8014255 C6068859
B8014263 C6067791
B8014280 C6067368
B8014282 C6067364
B8014304 C6067339
B8014328 C6067539
B8014435 C6069775
B8014461 C6067331
B8014480 C6067349
B8014572 C6067335
B8014588 C6068884
B8014610 C6066429
B8014617 C6066430
B8014626 C6069423
B8014628 C6068036
B8014631 C6066392
B8015076 C6068374
B8015231 C6063745
B8015305 C6060336
B8015316 C6063557
B8015718 C6068311
B8015853 C6068302
B8016559 C6077302
B8016695 C6082571
B8016705 C6082685
B8016747 C6082696
B8016748 C6082674
B8016809 C6082724
B8016962 C6082417
B8017001 C6064705
B8017003 C6064708
B8017020 C6072174
B8017053 C6072143
B8017064 C6077491
B8017068 C6077325
B8017195 C6074242
B8017203 C6066259
B8017228 C6068878
B8017248 C6082837
B8017254 C6077307
B8017257 C6077367
B8017260 C6099633
B8017262 C6077229
B8017319 C6077721
B8017331 C6077256
B8017334 C6077370
B8018220 C6082576
B8018244 C6072919
B8018261 C6072435
B8018280 C6072961
B8018288 C6065133
B8018295 C6072641
B8018308 C6072793
B8018310 C6072908
B8018600 C6077484
B8018737 C6077518
B8018962 C6077232
B8018980 C6077327
B8019834 C6073639
B8019968 C6064706
B8019969 C6082329
B8019979 C6067390
B8019980 C6067589
B8019981 C6067039
B8019983 C6067175
B8019984 C6067295
B8019986 C6067276
B8019989 C6067413
B8021118 C6099606
B8021248 C6099480
B8021258 C6099615
B8021260 C6099589
B8021281 C6099490
B8021287 C6099559
B8021319 C6099525
B8021328 C6099630
B8021335 C6099626
B8021337 C6099482
B8021355 C6077536
B8021356 C6077228
B8021357 C6077479
B8021358 C6077365
B8021359 C6077490
B8021360 C6077366
B8021394 C6099706
B8021396 C6099639
B8021413 C6077364
B8021428 C6066206
B8021431 C6066189
B8021449 C6073958
B8021450 C6072231
B8021452 C6074727
B8021457 C6073951


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