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CTX 3030

Never assume...

CTX 3030

October 17, 2014 08:00am
minelab best metal detector finds ring in norway gold hand.jpg

It was early September and we were planning a whole day of detecting for our members of the club, the site we acquired permissions to detect on where over 250 acres and had quite a lot of history too it.

One of them is the legend of Haakon Jarl beeing beheaded by his own slave in the year 995, upon delivering Haakon Jarls head to the new king Olav Tryggvason the slave got his own head cut off as well for his betrayal against his former king.

It is olav Tryggvason and the slaves cut off head you can see on the city statue in Trondheim today. A central piece of our city's history.

We had hopes of finding something that could be linked too this legend on the site and we set off 22 men strong onto the fields. The hours went on without many good find leaving the soil, a few silver coins here and there dating about 200 years back but nothing sensational.

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CTX with 17" coil finds deep gold nobles & ring

CTX 3030

October 09, 2014 08:00am
minelab best metal detector finds coin and ring.jpg

First hits were a couple of the beautiful Henry VI groats, then i got a different kind of tone, we shared the digging as by now we were going down a good two inches deeper than the standard coil had and found another stunning groat, before we filled in the hole I stuck in my propoint and there was something else there! pushing in my finger I flicked out a shining gold ring - intricately decorated and set with a polished deep blue stone it took my breath away and even seeing pictures of it now still gives me the goosebumps!

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Beautiful Buckle

CTX 3030

October 01, 2014 08:00am
minelab best metal detector finds Buckle.jpg

The soil was very different here as it was hard baked clay. I soon got a signal and dug out a Queen Victoria Commemorative Medal to celebrate 50 years of her reign. Then it was bottle tops. I had 3 in succession in different areas of the field. The trouble is we have to dig them as 12/24 is a lovely number. Maybe, just maybe gold? We decided to head back to the area of the field where we had found the lead and the broken Roman brooch. I found a Roman Coin, just a bronze. I so want to find a silver or gold roman coin! It was nearly time to head home so we started working our way back towards the foot path that entered the field. I got a good signal 12/14 and the tone was lovely. About 4 or 5 inches down I saw a buckle, but not just any old buckle. It had a face and a tiny bit of blue enamel. I’d never seen a buckle like this before. Maybe early Saxon? I’m going to take it to show my Finds Liaison Officer on Saturday. Hopefully good news.

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CTX 3030

September 30, 2014 09:00am
minelab best metal detector finds Tiffany Platinum.jpg

Metal Detecting is a funny hobby. When you least expect it, POW....a great find is in your scoop. I have been using a CTX-3030 for about a year and recently started using the 17" coil. I find I can cover a much larger area with the new coil.
It is the end of the year and most Cape Cod beaches are beat. I had just detected 2 large north side beaches without luck when I decided to rinse the saltwater from my detector in Spargo Pond. This as a large beautiful pond along 6A.
I had just stepped into the pond when I heard a whisper of a tone. It was by no means powerful but I dug. I could not believe my eyes when I pulled the Platinum ring from just a foot of water. If I could have done a Handstand I would have when I read the inside and it said, ".750 Plat .950 TIFFANY. TIFFANY is the most famous of US Jewellers. Whoopie...What an end to the season!
The ring is .95 Platinum and 18k gold.


Dan – MA, USA

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Annie Hedge's wedding band from 1884

CTX 3030

September 30, 2014 08:00am
minelab best metal detector finds gold ring_20a.jpg

I have been hunting a very difficult lake area in Ontario Canada for a number of years now. It is in pretty deep water and the lakebed is made of construction debris and trash - iron nails, roofing nails, door hinges and the like, but there are good targets in there somewhere, sometimes...

I bought my CTX just for this site (and sites like it) because it is the only detector I have found that can cope with an underwater site with extreme amounts of trash. This site is a detrectorist's nightmare, and any other detectors I have used in this area just can't cope - they all just null out or shut down because of all the other bits of metal at various depths in the lakebed. The CTX seems to see the trash AND the treasure simultaneously.

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holy grail of mercs

CTX 3030

September 22, 2014 11:00am
minelab detector finds coin 1916.jpg

I knew the day was going to be good. A few minutes later a 12-44 at 5 inches. I figured on another rosie but out popped a mercury dime. I could see the 1916 on the front and a mint mark on the back but couldn't make it out. I've dug 2 1916 and 3 1916s this year so I wasn't to hopeful. I took the dime to the truck washed it and lo and behold there was the D. After 20 years of detecting I finally filled the last hole in the mercury collection. The hunt ended right there for the day. I can't be more pleased with the CTX 3030.

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History's loss is my gain

CTX 3030

September 20, 2014 08:00am
minelab detector finds hammer coin.jpg

After days of heading out on my permission finding nothing but musket balls and modern coins I decided to investigate a field that has a stream running through it. After 5hrs of detecting I was almost ready to go home then BANG! A massive signal so naturally I dug it up and it was a nice James 1st 1603 hammered shilling so then I rechecked the hole and another 12.36 signal and I thought no it couldn't be, I couldn't be that lucky but I was… the CTX 3030 strikes again with another hammered 1603 shilling but while I was looking for the silver signal the pinpointer picked up another object under the hammy so up it came and WOW! Gold... Gold baby!! A beautiful 18th century posy ring in amazing condition. This is the best pocket spill I've ever found. I'm a happy man :)


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1835 Bust Dime

CTX 3030

September 18, 2014 08:00am
minelab detector finds 1835 dime back.jpg

I had to take my wife to go to the Dr. Appt. with her mother who is in a nursing home and my wife told me to go metal detecting while she was with her mom I only had about 2 hours.

So i went to a local as i was walking down the hill from the parking lot my detector went off but was not a strong single but it was reading high so i started dig it up I put the pinpointer in the hole located the target and pulled out the 1835 bust dime graded VF-30 it was the only thing i found other them some pocket change The pictures are not to good i took them with my phone.

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Bling in the sand !!

CTX 3030

September 07, 2014 08:00am
minelab detector finds rings.jpg

Our local beaches cut for a few days last week thanks to a howling east wind and big swell. I managed to pull some gold out after a six month sanded in period. The CTX 3030 with the 17' coil took care of business.


Henry - Province of Eastern Cape, South Africa

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Roman statue

CTX 3030

September 02, 2014 08:00am
minelab detector finds roman figure.JPG

We said goodbye and I walked with detector on towards my car at the border side, and on the spot where we all walked a few times and met at the start i received a beautiful loud tone....and digging 32 centimeters deep i did the found of my life....a bronze roman statue. I search for 32 years and this was my happiest metal detecting moment of my life...
I reported the found to the Archaeological service for identification, and this came back.

Posted on September 02, 2014 08:00am | 0 Comments

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