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50 Grams of gold with the SDC 2300

SDC 2300

July 23, 2014 09:00am

Here is 50 grams of gold nuggets (1.6 troy ounces) found with the SDC 2300 in California and Alaska, USA. The largest piece is 3/4ths of an ounce. The gold was found over about two weeks detecting time.

Chris R. – Alaska, USA

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212 target day and GOLD

Excalibur II

July 22, 2014 09:00am

Went to a lake and hunted a beach with a friend that must have not been hunted in a long time. I was using my Excalibur II and he was using his Garrett At Pro. I was getting hits after hits digging it all. I started working the buoy line that separates the deeper water from the shallow side I got a low foil like tone. I figured it was just a wrapper from a cigar pack like I have gotten before. To my huge surprise I saw a Yellow Bracelet hanging half out of my scoop and after looking it was marked 14k but had CZ's in it! A little while later we decided to take a break and as I was just about out of the water I got a tone that was higher pull tab. when I was washing the clay out I saw a sweet sight of yellow again. This time it was a 10k men’s ring with some small real stones. WOW 2 gold but I was not done. LOL. We continued to hunt for a while after our break and just at the end my LAST target of the day at the water’s edge again was a blip on the Excal. I dug 2 scoops and in the bottom of the clay clog I saw a tiny yellow ring. It is 10k and missing whatever was in the center of it. BIG WOW 3 gold items! I ended the day with Gold some silver and $11.95 in Clad! My buddy found 1 silver stud earring and about $6 in clad. I love my Minelabs!


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1715 Spanish Fleet silver Cobb

CTX 3030

July 21, 2014 08:00am

I recently spent some time detecting on the east coast of Florida in the Sebastian inlet area. My CTX 3030 was crushing the competition picking stuff up others walked right by... The weather was beautiful and I found a 14K white Gold ring a 14K white gold Mariners Cross a sterling Silver cross and chain and a sterling tennis bracelet with rubies emeralds and sapphires and allot of clad worth a few dollars...but my biggest treasure was found inside a clump of sand I picked up and brought back to Delaware it has an old brass eyelet with canvas wrapped around it...after it was cleaned by Dale W. Clifton owner of the shipwreck Museum at Fenwick Island DE. he noticed two Silver 1715 era Spanish Half Reale Cobbs imbedded in the Conglomeration. Dale was very kind an issued me a letter of authenticity for my finds. If you want to get motivated visit his Shipwreck Museum in Fenwick… truly amazing! I'm elated my first real piece of real treasure...See you on the beach!

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Every Artifact Has A Story


July 19, 2014 08:00am

Every Artifact Has A Story

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First return


July 18, 2014 08:00am
x-terra finds ring.jpg

Turned out to be a wedding party celebrating the wedding of two of the group’s nuptials the day before and it was the groom's ring which had been his grandfather's wedding band. They later admitted the ring had a value approaching $10,000.

Still it was great to finally find someone's treasure and to successfully return it to them.
Yesterday I was again looking for that Cub Scout ring. I hope to return it too soon.

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Digging out my very first SDC nugget

SDC 2300

July 17, 2014 08:00am

Video Success Story

I did squeeze out my very first SDC gold nugget and it was actually the biggest target of the day. It weighed in at a whopping 0.4-grams! OK, maybe noting to write home about, but gold is gold, and the fact that it came from an old patch was certainly noteworthy. The following day I revisited the patch once again and was able to pull yet another nugget. It was smaller than the first, but still gold nonetheless. The only thing about the SDC I struggled with a bit was the coil design. The angle (or position) at which it sits on the lower shaft is a bit odd, but I think in time it is one of those things a person can get used to. I will be doing a lot more testing in the days to come, but so far I think Minelab has once again produced an incredible PI gold machine…


Chris Gholson - Arizona, USA

Posted on July 17, 2014 08:00am | 0 Comments

83 Grams From 9 Nuggets at AKAU

X-TERRA 705 Gold Pack

July 15, 2014 10:00am
Gold and Ruler sm.jpg

I had long read about people finding nuggets in Alaska using a metal detector but only dreamed about being able to do so. I learned about Gaines Creek and tried to go there. But, by the time I tried to make it up to there, they had already closed to the public.

It looked like all the places open to the public that catered to nugget hunters had closed down for commercial mining. Then, I learned about Alaska Gold and Resort, AKAU, close to Nome, Alaska. I reserved 2 weeks at the end of June 2014.

The metal detector I used was a Minelab X-Terra 705 with the Gold Pack. On my 2nd day there, I found a nice 28 gram gold and quartz specimen. Then my luck turned cold for the next 5 days. However, I finally started to dig every signal, carefully check any hole for additional targets, and recover even the faintest of signals.

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When you hear "You won't find anything"


July 15, 2014 09:00am

After a year of trying, I finally scored permission to hunt a yard that once had a 1910 home on it in a city that has had activity all the way back to the Seminole Indian tribes.
One permission led to another and on an adjoining lot, I got a deep but clear signal that sounded pretty sweet. Upon scanning my dirt pile, something popped out and at first thought it was a silver half dollar.

Well the first thought was correct, it was silver and the size of a half, however it was a medal given starting in the early 1800's once a year to a selected person. Their name is inscribed professionally on the medal and also the date of which it was presented to the individual. Mine is stamped 1859.

Posted on July 15, 2014 09:00am | 1 Comment

Hot Weekend Finds

Explorer SE

July 14, 2014 10:00am

I went on a weekend camping trip with my 2 daughter to a 200 year old mineral springs resort location. I have detected this area several times through the past 5 years with a few great finds. This hot weekend in July turned out to be a great trip indeed. When I arrived to the park i went to the park office to me up with a friend of mine that was the park superintendent. He told me they had cut out a few trees the past 2 weeks, so off I went to check it out. Boy, was it a great time with one great find after another. Tried to get several of my buddies to come down to detect with me, but they did not want to brave the heat. More finds for me. LOL. Here is a post of my finds from there.

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Finding gold with the SDC 2300

SDC 2300

July 07, 2014 05:00pm

I got out and did a little more prospecting with the SDC 2300, and got 3 more nuggets, total weight 2.5 grams. The more I use this detector the happier I am with it and its finding good gold for me. I took my brother in law out with me and with the external speaker gave him a few lessons in nugget detecting. There were a bunch of old 22 caliper brass shells at this one place, and I told him we needed to get these out of the way because they would shield us from hearing any smaller targets. Sure enough, we got them out of the way, and right in the middle of where they were was a fainter target. I told him that while larger nuggets would sound like those brass shells near the surface, most gold would sound like this fainter target. We dug it and it was the smallest of the three nuggets shown in the photo.


Chris R. – Nevada, USA

Posted on July 07, 2014 05:00pm | 0 Comments

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