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August 31, 2011 11:28am
Metal Detector Finds - 1912 Barber Dime - USA

Hello…I purchased my E-TRAC earlier this year from Mike at M/T Detector sales in Ohio. Issues at work, as well as other schedule conflicts have prevented me from getting out much with it. I have managed to make it out a few times though. I have often wondered what I might find if I took the E-TRAC out to one of those “hunted out” spots. One of those places that everyone tells you there is nothing left to be found, or one of those places that you know you and others have hammered frequently using various detectors and coils.. Well…on August 19th and 22nd 2011 I thought it was time to find out what my E-TRAC could do, and boy did I!

Metal Detector Finds - 1916 Buffalo - USA

On Aug.. 19th I had some free time so a friend and I hit a spot that I know has been hunted many times, and I myself have went over this area with multiple detectors, as well as various coils, and thought I had been fairly thorough. After having the detector on for less than 10 minutes I realized that there were still things to be found. The first coin that I dug was a 1916 Buffalo nickel at 6-7”. Maybe 5 minutes after that, I hit a 1911 wheat at 8 -9”. Then I happened to hit 2 more Wheats and some clad.

After hunting for a while longer, I got a good dime signal at 6-7” and recovered a Mercury dime in decent shape. I recovered the dime and replaced the flap of grass and started to search again. When I was no more than a foot or two from where I recovered the Mercury dime, I got a nice 11-46 signal at 5-6”. I cut a flap of grass and recovered a 1912 Barber dime.. I had ran out of time at that point and had to go, but after digging 2 silver dimes in less than 5 minutes I was hoping to keep the streak going the next time out. 

Metal Detector Finds - Civil War Store Card - USA

Aug. 22nd was the next chance that I had time to check the area again and was not disappointed for my efforts. I started out by finding a Wheat penny and more clad then I got another silver dime. This time a 57 Rosie at 4” which gave me my third silver coin in 2 short hunts at this area. Not wanting to call it a day just yet, I continued on. I got a good tone and 11-46, 11-47 on the display at 6” or so. I cut the flap of grass and dug down to retrieve the item. Little did I know I was in for a shock. At around 6” or so, I located the item and to my astonishment I had just found a civil war store card.

The front of the token states “Good for 1 cent” while the back side states “F.B. ORR, Dealer in hardware, Iron & Nails, Mansfield, O”. After looking at some books and asking some questions on the internet I found out that the token is listed as a R-3 rarity meaning there is believed to be 500-2000 to exist.. Although the photos may not do justice for this find, I was very excited to dig up this token that dates to 1861-1865 and I for one, am amazed that the other machines I have used in the past have missed this target but the E-TRAC got it!

Metal Detector Finds - Civil War Store Card - USA

All I can say is WOW! Thank you Minelab for making the E-TRAC such a great machine. Now I know that those “hunted out” and “hammered to death” places that people talk about aren’t truly hunted out until they have been hunted with a Minelab. E-TRAC is THE way to find what the others miss!!

Josh Kimmel - Ohio, USA


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