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Superbowl Ring Found on Beach and Returned to Player!

Sovereign XS

January 15, 2011 11:33am
Metal Detector Finds - Superbowl Ring

Winner of Find of the Month -  January 2011

My father passed away on June 5th, 2008. He was almost 83 years old. He and my mother raised 12 children. I am the 3rd oldest of the 12 children. My name is Stevie White. We live in a little town in Southern West Virginia called Fayetteville. Fayetteville is known for its New River Gorge Bridge, which is the longest steel arch bridge in the Western Hemisphere. It is closed each year for Bridge Day so parachute jumpers can jump off of it. It is 876 feet above the New River.

Metal Detector Finds - Superbowl Ring

Our family was terribly stunned by our fathers death. My mother and father were together nearly 65 years. My mother and older sister seemed to be grieving the most. I thought it would be a good idea to take them away from home for awhile to a more relaxing environment. I thought a trip to the beach would be a nice place to relax and help them to cope with our fathers passing.

We decided on Myrtle Beach, S.C. for the trip. I’m an avid treasure hunter, so I packed the Minelab Sovereign and a homemade sand scoop. The weather was beautiful so I hunted the beach every day. Some days I would hunt 15 hours without stopping. I found many coins, rings, earrings, and even a cell phone. The Sovereign proved to be an awesome beach detector. I have been using the Sovereign for about 7 years.

After seven days of beach hunting, the trip was winding down. I was still trying to get every minute of detecting in that I could. On June 29th, I was hunting on my last evening. I had found three silver rings but no gold rings. As I detected, I was talking to my deceased father, whom I deeply miss. I told him “The next ring is for you Pa”. At that very instant, I hit a target. I dug down 3 inches and pulled up a very large mens ring. My first thought was that I had found the ring of a Roman Emperor. I cleaned the sand off the ring, and on the side it read “Eleven Straight on the Road.” It was engraved so nicely, I figured it was too modern for a Roman ring. I saw a name on the other side of it, but still did not know what kind of ring it was. I knew it was an expensive ring since the top of it was covered in diamonds. I put it in my pocket and started to search again where I had found the ring. I stayed at this location for two additional hours and searched every square foot of this area. I figured someone would come out and say that they had lost a ring. I would have returned it to them if they could have identified it properly. No one showed up, so I started to head toward our hotel. As I was walking, I took the ring out and cleaned it again. I noticed the ring had an NFL logo on the side with the words “Super Bowl”. I was astounded that I had found some type of Superbowl ring. As I continued walking, several college students from Va. Tech stopped me on the beach and asked me if I was having any luck. I replied “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” They said “Let’s see what ya got”. I showed them the Superbowl ring and they were amazed. They informed me that it was this years Superbowl ring. They said “You are the luckiest man we’ve ever seen.”

Metal Detector Finds - Superbowl Ring

I immediately called my brother John who lives in Charlotte, N.C. I told him “You will never believe what I found on the beach with my Sovereign metal detector. He replied “The Titanic?” I laughed and told him I had found a Superbowl ring from this year’s Superbowl. He immediately went online and looked up Superbowl Ring. He asked me to explain what it looked like. I told him it was covered with diamonds on top and had the NY Giants logo on it. I told him it had three trophies on it with three large football-shaped diamonds. It had “World Champions” on the top and a date of 2/3/08 on the side with Superbowl XLII on it. He asked me what was engraved inside the band. I told him it said “Tiffany & Co.” He replied “You’ve got the real thing.” I was ecstatic. I hurried to our hotel room excited to tell my mother and sister what I had found.

When I came in the room, my mother asked me if I had found anything today. I told my mother and sister to sit on the bed because I had found something unbelievable while detecting. When I told them I had found a Superbowl ring, they were absolutely amazed and could not take their eyes off the ring.

After further research, we determined that the rings value was in the $25,000 range. The ring has 67 small diamonds and 3 larger diamonds on the top of it. It weighs nearly 2.5 ounces and is 18 Kt white gold. A committee of NY Giants assisted in the design of the ring. Eli Manning and Michael Strahan were among the members of the committee. Michael Strahan, a NY Giants standout, indicated that he wanted the ring to be a 10 table ring - A ring that could be seen from 10 tables away. The ring is extremely large, as you will see in the pictures. We have been offered $10,000 cash for the ring to date, but I could not sell this players ring. I feel the Lord and my Pa would want me to return the ring to its owner. We contacted the NY Giants to arrange getting the ring back to its original owner. The ring was returned to it’s owner, in person, on October 4, 2008. The rookie player was thrilled to get his Super Bowl ring back. He would not disclose how he lost the ring on the beach. The only reward I got was the thrill of seeing him get his ring back. If I lost a Superbowl ring, I would hope that someone would return it back to me.

Note: The players name on the Superbowl ring was kept confidential for several reasons. PS: Keep Your Loops Swinging My Friends - Dream Treasures Really Are Found !!!! Believe Me!!

Stevie White - USA


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I hope you send me the best settings to search for gold nuggets I have a deep oval coil mono 15 * 12
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