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"O" What a Beautiful Day

CTX 3030

September 05, 2012 09:35am
Metal detecting finds - barber coins

These six pieces of silver cumulate my best day to date with the CTX 3030. All, with the exception of the Rosie were at least 9 inches deep.

The Rosie was only about six inches, but laying on an iron nail. Notice the rust on the Rosie. The prize is the 1892 O. It looks to have been lost soon after minting.

Metal detecting finds - barber coin All details are crisp. It has been estimated as EF or possibly AU. This quarter was laying at a 45 degree angle at a depth of 12 inches (my Lesche handle was flush with the top of the hole when I saw the rim).

Ferrous coin and combined tones , it rang out as 12-44 and the CTX 3030 hit it hard. No doubt that it was a coin. This park has an 6 to 8 inch layer of clay fill before you get back to the black dirt.

Thanks Minelab!

Bob - Illinois, USA


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