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Love that E-TRAC!


May 23, 2011 01:39pm
Metal Detector Finds - 1903-S Barber Dime

Yesterday, May 21st,2011, I decided to go out detecting for a while. The place that I went was not too far from my house, where I found a 1853-o half dime last year. This place has a large pond that I was told ,use to be a swimming place years ago. I got a good signal that read 11-43 on my Minelab E-TRAC. It was reading about 6" deep. To my surprize I popped out a 1903-S Barber dime that was in extra Fine condition. I thought this was a key date, so when I got home I ask my wife to check the date again. She said that it was exactly what I thought. The new 2011 coin price shows that in ex. Fine condition it is worth $800.00. Boy this made my day! Love that E-TRAC! 

Randy Joel Baxter - Iowa, USA


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