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February 12, 2012 11:49am
Metal Detector Finds - Anglo Saxon Gold - UK

We were waiting for the rest of the club to turn up for a club dig. Our chairman Frank told me later he looked around the car park, looked at the frosty conditions and thought we were all mad! We arrived at the field and my heart dropped, the field had been freshly ploughed and was white over with frost. I had a talk with Frank and he pointed out a Saxon church and a Roman road we wondered if there was a path in between.

I wandered down the field with my trusty Explorer SE digging up a Victorian penny and then a medievel spur rowel which was a good start. The going was rough and the top four inches of ground was frozen solid, I thought I was in an area where I thought there could have been a path and was digging up shotgun cartridges, then I received a good two way signal, the cross on my screen was half way across and up clear of the bottom line - I had to dig this one!

Metal Detector Finds - Anglo Saxon Gold - UK

Digging up a good clump of soil and turning it over I could see gold sticking outside of the soil with the most beautiful filagree decoration, my heart started pounding. I picked up the most beautifully decorated piece of Anglo Saxon gold. I rang Frank who was having his lunch and told him about my find, he said he was on his way down.

When he arrived he told me it was Anglo Saxon and looked like an Aestel which are extremly rare. As I bagged it carefully I wondered who had lost such a precious thing all that time ago. It is now going through the Treasure process and will probably end up in a museum where it ought to be. However I enjoyed being its keeper for a while, thank you Minelab for a great adventure.

John Pawson - Yorkshire, UK


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