04 Jun 2012

National Metal Detecting Day

National Metal Detecting Day 2013

On May 19th, the inaugural National Metal Detecting Day, Minelab and various metal detector community groups sponsored "Go Minelabbing" events in 6 cities across the US, México, and Canada. Plenty of fun was had by all who joined in with multiple hunts and challenges, guest speakers, dinners and prizes keeping the crowds entertained.

Minelab would like to thank everyone who played a part in helping us celebrate National Metal Detecting Day and making it the fantastic event it was! In case you missed it, here is what some of the attendees had to say about the day...

Atlantic City, USA

National Metal Detecting Day 2012That was a great weekend, and fun was had by all. And that was a terrific dinner, too - gave us the strength to get out there on Sunday! Paul Havemann

I don't know about anyone else but this was one fantastic hunt! We had a blast! The weather was perfect and the prizes were many and the dinner was a big hit. The lunches were also good and I didn't hear anyone complain to much about anything that went on. I want to thank Joe De Marco for telling us about the hunt and Joe Jorgensen for putting on a top knotch hunt in that short of a time period. And thanks to Ron DeGhetto for being so kind an helpful during the hunt. I also want to thank the people who helped to run this hunt. Without you ALL this wouldn't have been such a success as it was. I hope that they do this again next year. I know that in our club alone there were 43 people in attendance and I think there were 35 who actually hunted. I know alot more people that would have come from Virginia if there hunt wasn't at the same time. Atlantic City was the perfect spot for this hunt and May was a good month to have this hunt. Thanks again to everyone!! P.S. We were right next to the band playing and it was fun detecting and dancing at the same time:) – Diane Toogood

From the exciting and competitive hunts to the beautiful weather and fantastic turnout of participants - Atlantic City's National Metal Detecting Day brought together metal detecting enthusiasts from all generations and walks of life. Bonding over one passion, these groups found common ground in conversation surrounding past hunts, finds, and even detecting tips. Fans were turned to evangelists, helping to grow and spread the word about our great pastime and hobby. No matter what detector they came with, most left with a strong impression of Minelab, not just as a brand, but as a community. – Evelyn Loomis

Cancun, Mexico

This is the first event that any metal detection company does in Mexico and what an event!! Congratulation!! Minelab not only had the best machines but also the wisdom to focus on our great market… ” – Hector Galindo

“What you did here is Mexico was a great event…very professional…I can’t wait until we do something similar in Venezuela…” – Candida Harvey (Minelab Distributor)

This is the beginning of great thing to come for the Minelab Latin America region. – Ricardo Coelho, Minelab Americas

Toronto, Canada

Garry, Rick and Dave attending the Minelab’s Metal Detecting seminar at Woodbine Beach in Toronto! Thanks MInelab! We had an awesome time. Poor Garry was 2 numbers away from the E-TRAC detector you gave away! - Julie Pollard

I had a great time, wish my family was here. Thanks Radioworld/Minelab - Joel Medalla

Jack, thank's very much, had a fantastic time. Well organized, great people, made some new friends, and the weather just topped it off.... - Steve Sujanszky

This was good fun. It didn't hurt that I found a sterling silver Tiffany & Co. pendant I've valued online at about $100 - very nice! Thanks for the effort the folks at Minelab and Radioworld put in to make this a success! - Andrew Moss

What an incredible day NMDD Toronto was. Great weather, new friends and the unveiling of the CTX3030! History was made as this was the largest metal detectorist gathering in Canada ever! I was glad to be a part of it. - Jack Summers – Minelab Canada

Orlando, USA

The name tags and handouts were outstanding. Those items made my wife and I feel that we were an integral part of the Fun Day. The time spent in the Museum and the tour of Kellyco's facilities was interesting to say the least. It was very noteworth that Mr. Auerbach discussed several issues with me on a one-to-one basis. That will be memorable in the future. All in all, it was a very enjoyable and informative event, which I would again attend with my wife.

The presenters were quite well prepared, and were very interesting. Also was very nice to be able to test the new Minelab equipment (the CTX 3030) featured personally. Enjoyed the raffle also.

Gary Drayton was by far the best presenter. He was informative, a hoot to listen to and got everyone excited about what we might find! After all, that's why we buy! Also liked the presentation concerning the new CTX 3030. I like to hear about new technology

Appreciate the effort that went into planning such an event and for Minelab to sponsor it. Gary Drayton was an interesting and entertaining speaker.

Anaheim, USA

Lucky Joe here: Just wanted to thank you for your part in organizing the Minelab event. It was very well run and a fun time for everyone that attended. I would say all in all a resounding success. I hope it draws a lot of business your way for the effort you put into it. Hope to see you out in the goldfields soon. - Joe Chmiel, Advanced Mining Equipment

Dear Rusty and Sonia,

Many thanks for co-hosting the Minelab's National Metal Detecting Day this past weekend, it was a smashing success! Everyone I talked to had an entertaining time; hopefully, Minelab will sponsor a weekend like this every year. The StarRanch location was a perfect location for this event, it has a great atmosphere and Bob did a fine job providing delicious food and a variety of drinks, there was always water and sodas available for consumption.

I pray your shop will see an increase in sales because of your co-hosting this event, it is fair and obligatory to do business with those who promote metal detecting in such an elaborate manner as last weekend.
For certain, I will be a faithful customer and most of all an unconditional friend.

Again, thanks for a fun weekend. Appreciatively, Nick Terpstra

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