18 May 2012

More CTX 3030 Information just released!

CTX 3030 Instruction Manual Cover

As we approach the on sale date of May 28, enthusiastic detectorists all around the world have been eagerly awaiting the release of new information on our new flagship TREASURE detector - the CTX 3030.

The Getting Started Guide explains how to assemble the CTX 3030 with a minimum of fuss and provides some basic information on the main controls to have you detecting in no time. This guide can be downloaded here.

The detailed Instruction Manual provides a comprehensive explanation of all of the CTX 3030 functions, including Detect and Map screen information, Quick Menus, Smart Functions and advanced settings. This manual can be downloaded here.

Finally, for those of you who liked our short video introduction to the CTX 3030, we have now released the director’s cut extended version: CTX 3030 – The Future of Discovery for your viewing pleasure. This version gives an overview of the main product features and the key technologies in the ultimate TREASURE detector.

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