16 Apr 2012

New security labels on Minelab’s products

GPX-4500 GPX 5000 security labels

Minelab has been running a GENUINE MINELAB; GENUINE PERFORMANCE; STOP COUNTERFEITS campaign, working to keep you informed and to ensure you avoid fake Minelab products. This campaign aims to protect the interests of you, our valued customers, as well as the authenticity and quality of Minelab’s products and brand.

In the latest stage of the campaign, Minelab has introduced new security labels designed for use on control boxes, coils and product cartons.

First phase implementation of these security labels focused on the GPX-4500, GPX 4800 and GPX 5000 (see examples shown right). In addition, the security label has been added to the product carton of all GPX Series detectors.

New security labels have also been added to the Eureka Gold, X-TERRA 705 Gold and all Commander Coils. These are smaller in size and are designed to assist you in recognising genuine Minelab product.

With these security labels, products can be easily verified as genuine. For your peace of mind, your nearest authorised Minelab dealer will easily be able to confirm authenticity by inspecting the security label through a special viewer. There is a hidden colour image that is revealed by using the security label viewer, as demonstrated below, to confirm that you have Genuine Minelab Performance. IT’S THAT SIMPLE!

For more information visit the buyer beware page or contact your nearest authorised Minelab dealer.

Counterfeit animation

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