20 Feb 2012

Minelab donates funds for metal detecting rights

L to R: Avery Marder (Task Force), Gary Schafer (Minelab Americas), Carter Pennington (Task Force)

Donation of $41,250 to The Task Force for Metal Detection Rights Foundation

Downers Grove, IL - Minelab is a proud supporter of the Task Force for Metal Detecting Rights Foundation. The Task Force is a not-for-profit organization with the singular mission to promote and defend the lawful hobby of recreational metal detecting on public lands and waterways across America. Formed in 1996, efforts of the Task Force have benefited all of us who enjoy the recreational hobby of metal detecting.

Minelab has recently executed a fund-raising promotion with our Minelab Americas Partners to raise funds for the Task Force to help them continue the great work they are doing. Together we have successfully raised over $41,000 in funds and distributed the check to The Task Force for Metal Detecting Rights Foundation on the 8th of February, 2012 in New York City!

Task Force logo This funding will continue to help support their efforts to educate and rally detectorists across North America to positively and effectively help protect all the lands and waterways from which we strive to discover history. We have already seen some great successes come to fruition through all of our partners and the Task Forces’ communication & education efforts:

  • The Task Force is able to quickly and effectively get the word out across the country when city, state or federal lands are at risk of being targeted for detection bans
    • The Task Force has implemented a new, more effective web site that includes easy access to legislative resources enabling quick and easy response (1 click of a button) from all of us that are interested in helping to protect detecting rights and lands
  • Together we have successfully made a case, and an impact, in Carthage, MO & New York City that have driven the local leadership to reconsider park closures or, at a minimum, work with local detectorists on researching the issue
  • Together we are rallying around making an impact in Kentucky, Alabama, Academia & several other locations

Task Force websiteNearly 110 Minelab Authorized Dealers across the Americas contributed to the Task Force donation throughout our promotion! This is an AMAZING NUMBER of participants!! Thank you very much!

Many of the land rights issues we are battling will take time and continued effort to affect – but these issues will not be addressed if we do not work together. The Task Force is starting to make a national impact – please continue to support this foundation for our industry! Minelab is committed to continue our support in many ways as we progress into the future.

Read more about the successes of the Task Force and about how you can contribute.

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