23 Sep 2011

New Minelab Catalogue!

Minelab Product Catalogue

Trying to choose which metal detector will be the best to meet your needs and wants can be a little confusing. In an effort to try and make this process a little simpler Minelab have been working on an all new product catalogue. All of our detectors are grouped into three categories - ADVENTURE, TREASURE and GOLD – just like they are now appearing on the metal detector pages of our website. There is also plenty of additional information to help you understand the basics of how a metal detector works, common detecting terms and more about our superior technologies. You’ll also find plenty of Success Stories from real detectorists talking about their finds to get you even more excited about the fantastic hobby of metal detecting.

The catalogue is available to download, or if you would like a printed version you can request a free catalogue to be mailed to your door. Get your copy today!

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