24 Jun 2011

Bruce Candy wins ATSE Clunies Ross Award


On Thursday 19th May 2011, Minelab’s Dr Bruce Halcro Candy was awarded the 2011 Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE) Clunies Ross Award for Leadership in Technology.

Since its establishment in 1991 by the Ian Clunies Ross Memorial Foundation, the ATSE Clunies Ross Award has become one of the pre-eminent awards for scientists, technologists and innovators across Australia.The Awards focus on the application of Australian technological science and engineering for the benefit of the community. They highlight ATSE’s commitment to fostering innovation and commercialisation and honouring the work of those taking the nation’s leading technologies to the market place.

Bruce is one of the world’s leading experts for the development of high performance, affordable and practical hand held metal detectors and has been the key innovator and technologist at Minelab for 25 years. His theoretical and practical understanding of the metal detecting in highly mineralised soils and other difficult conditions is unmatched anywhere in the world. This award is a well deserved recognition of the key contributions Bruce has made to the advancement of hand held detection technology and the success of Minelab.

Bruce is an inspirational technologist and his work will benefit the industry for decades to come, including the deminers who are lessening the landmine menace worldwide, the gold prospectors who have generated wealth both here in Australia and worldwide and the archaeological community who benefit from the many finds by detectorists who search for old coins, treasure and relic antiquities using his technologies.

Minelab congratulates Bruce on this award and his many outstanding achievements over the last 25 years – Congratulations Bruce!

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