31 Mar 2011

Wedderburn gold Festival

Wedderburn gold festival

The annual Wedderburn Gold Festival, held on 12th March 2011, was another fabulous success this year with lovely blue skies and warm days in the low 20’s (Celsius).

The prospect of winning a brand new Minelab GPX 5000 had contestants coming from all parts of Victoria and interstate. About 160 took part on Saturday and a further 20 odd added to their ranks on Sunday totalling about 180 contestants all up.

The contest was a good natured affair, relying a lot on good fortune, with the winner having to find the lucky token in amongst about 200 tokens hidden in the area. A large area of forest was used so there was plenty of room for everyone, and being a well known goldfield, there was always the chance of gold nuggets coming up as well! The contestants did very well, recovering about 172 tokens of the 200 hidden.

The lucky winner this year was Mr Travis Jackson, a local prospector who is absolutely thrilled with his new GPX 5000 first prize.

In addition to the detecting championship, Wedderburn locals turned on a full festival in the street with stalls and displays. On Saturday night everyone was entertained with music and a dance.

Come one and come all … and let’s see you next year.

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