24 Nov 2010

Minor production defect in some 11" Monoloop Commander coils

It has come to our attention that a small number of recently manufactured 11” Monoloop coils may have a manufacturing defect.

Due to the increased sensitivity and quieter operation of the new GPX 5000, some customers have reported experiencing false signals from slight bumping of their 11” Monoloop coil whilst detecting, e.g. bumping the coil against rocks, grass clumps or the like. Note that all coils will give false signals if bumped or knocked hard enough, however the coils in question are more sensitive to such slight bumping.

Through testing we have determined that a minor production inconsistency at our Australian manufacturing facility has caused a small proportion of 11” Monoloop coils to exhibit this problem. This inconsistency is not present in any other Commander coils, nor the 11” Monoloop Commander coils that were manufactured before May 2010. Also, all Commander coils produced by our overseas manufacturing partner, Plexus, do not have this issue and are working correctly.

Minelab recommend GPX 5000 owners do not return their 11” Monoloop coil if:

  • You are not experiencing false signals through slightly bumping their 11” Monoloop coil, OR
  • You have a coil with a serial number starting with C101…..

Minelab recommend that GPX 5000 owners do return their 11” Monoloop coil to Minelab Service for assessment if they answer “yes” to both of these questions:

  • You have a coil with a serial number starting with C105…., C106…., C107…., C108…., AND
  • You are experiencing false signals from slight bumping.

Please address all returns for Australia, Asia & Oceania to:
Minelab Service Department
118 Hayward Avenue
TORRENSVILLE, SA, 5031, Australia

Please address all returns for North, South & Central America to:
Minelab Customer Care Centre
2777 Finley Road, Unit #4
Downers Grove, IL 60515 USA

Please address all returns for Europe, Middle East and Africa to:
Minelab Service Department
Unit 207, Harbour Point Business Park
Little Island, Co. Cork, Ireland

Please ensure you include your return address.

There is no need to return the GPX 5000 control box, battery or Double-D coil, as this is an 11” Monoloop coil related issue only. Please note that even with the defective coils, detection performance without bumping is otherwise unaffected. You can continue to use your detector with other coils.

A new Quality Control test to check the coils has been developed by Minelab Engineers. If a returned coil passes the new test it will be returned the following day. If a returned coil fails the new test you will be promptly sent a correctly functioning coil under warranty.

Minelab apologises for this inconvenience. We trust that bringing this issue to your attention as soon as possible is the best way to resolve this issue and to ensure that you continue to receive the high level of quality you can expect from all Minelab products.

Should you have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to contact Minelab using the CONTACT US section of to contact the regional office closest to you.

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