13 Jan 2014

Minelab News Report – Broadcast over 50 countries

We are pleased to notify you of a 6 minute news report on Minelab which is broadcast this week, January 13th to 20th 2014. The Business Africa news report will broadcast across 50 countries worldwide and will be aired in English, French and Portuguese.

Filmed in Burkina Faso and Dubai the news report tells an exciting tale of success through stories from Minelab customers and highlights the existence of counterfeit product and the verification systems Minelab have in place. The news report features interviews with Minelab and a number of customers from Burkina Faso. It also tells the stories of a number of customers and how their success with Minelab product has changed their lives.  

One such customer Solomon struck it rich affording him the opportunity to purchase three plots of land, 3 motorbikes and 3 more detectors. Most importantly he can now afford to send all ten of his children to school! Stories such as Solomon’s are very powerful and a strong force in creating awareness of the real-life impact on our customers.


Broadcast Dates and Times

On-line - January 13th to 20th 2014 -

Please note that the broadcast can be viewed in English and French. To view in English, remember to click on the English flag on the top right hand corner of the website. 

TV - January 13th to 20th 2014. - Click the "Broadcast Plan" attachments below to see the full global broadcast plan covering Africa, Europe and the USA


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Broadcast Plan 2.JPG - 205.58 KB

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