16 Jul 2010

Minelab commercial world premiere!

Since the very beginning, Minelab Electronics have carved out a reputation for leading the way in utilising new technologies in our metal detectors. But our love of all things technologically great doesn’t end with our metal detectors… we use the world’s leading technologies in everything we do.
Minelab USA has recently been working closely with the Gold Prospectors Association of America (GPAA) and the Outdoor Channel as a sponsor of their popular series ‘Gold Fever’. As a part of this the Minelab team has been hard at work, in conjunction with the Glenn Group, to create a series of four commercials showcasing the Minelab range of metal detectors to air during the series. 

During the filming stage of the commercials one of the world’s most innovative and well known technology brands, Apple, released the new iPhone 4 which is complete with HD video functionality. 

Interested to test the capabilities of the iPhone 4 HD video function the crew decided to mount the iPhone right next to their professional camera to film the world’s first all iPhone 4 commercial, even taking it for a ride on a remote-controlled helicopter to film the aerial shots. While the final cut of the commercials will rely on footage from professional state-of-the-art video cameras it will also mix in some of the iPhone 4 footage. 

Here is a sneak peek of the final Minelab commercial we have all been getting excited about...

And if you would like to check out the first all iPhone 4 commercial, here it is... 

Stay tuned for the official world premiere of the commercial on the Outdoor Channel in the USA during the GPAA show ‘Gold Fever’ on July 17th 2010. Check your local listings and don’t miss out on the action! For those without access to the Outdoor Channel we will also be posting the commercials on very soon so watch this space.



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