02 Jul 2010

GPX-4500 Dual Coil Product Offer EXTENDED

GPX-4500 Dual Coil metal detector

Great news!! The Minelab GPX-4500 Dual Coil product offer has been so popular that Minelab have extended it through until 31st August, 2010. The GPX-4500 remains better value than ever before, but for a limited time only! 

Since our first announcement in April, Minelab’s standard GPX-4500 product configuration with the versatile 11” Double-D coil for all round gold detecting, has been supplied with an additional 15" x 12" Semi-Elliptical Commander Double-D Coil. 

Double-D coils offer the greatest flexibility when used with the GPX-4500 metal detector, as they can operate effectively with all available functions and Timing options. Double-D coils offer improved stability and depth in heavily mineralised ground, and provide accurate ground coverage as the search field is sent down in a blade-like pattern. 

Double-D coils are also necessary for utilizing the Iron Reject function and allow use of the Coil/Rx switch which enables the search field to be optimised for different conditions. The three Coil/Rx switch options are: 

       Double-D for high sensitivity and depth in heavily mineralised ground
       Monoloop for extra sensitivity to small pieces of gold in medium mineralised ground 
       Cancel for improved immunity to electrical noise from power lines, phone towers etc 

The larger 15"x12" Double-D coil provides improved ground coverage and greater depth on larger gold and it’s semi-elliptical design allows for great manoeuvrability while retaining good sensitivity to smaller targets. 

Find your closest dealer here to take advantage of this great offer.

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