11 Jun 2010

Minelab: Quality Design and Manufacture for the World

Minelab metal detectors - quality


All Minelab products are designed and manufactured to a very high level of quality. With ISO9001:2000 quality accreditation being a minimum standard for both our Design team and Manufacturing partners. 

World class quality design and manufacture to match our World’s Best Metal Detection Technologies.

Product Design 

R&D and Product Design are carried out in Minelab’s custom built research facility in Adelaide, South Australia. Utilising the skills of over thirty scientific, engineering and technical professionals, our products really do live up to the claim of World’s Best Metal Detection Technologies. The thorough product performance and reliability testing carried out on every Minelab metal detector prior to releasing a new product ensures years of reliable service, all backed with a three year warranty. 


Manufacturing of Minelab metal detectors is a world wide effort coordinated by our parent company, Codan Limited. Our sister companies supply Printed Circuit Boards (PCB’s) and Electronic assemblies for our metal detectors, with final assembly, testing and coil manufacture carried out at the Codan group manufacturing site in Adelaide, South Australia.  

Codan Limited also has a partnership with the US based Plexus Corporation for manufacturing some Minelab products in the Plexus facility in Malaysia. 

Plexus are manufacturers of many high quality products for various industries, including: 

  • Motorola
  • General Electric
  • Honeywell
  • LeCroy
  • Juniper Networks
  • Siemens
  • Oxford Instruments

Minelab metal detectors are yet another sign of the global market we live in, designed in Australia, some made in Australia, and some made in Malaysia by an American owned company, from parts sourced from all over the world! One thing that remains constant, is that Minelab products are always designed and manufactured to world class standards.

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