26 Aug 2013

Expert Metal Detectorists ‘Square Off’ At Revere Beach to Determine Who’s Best

Minelab crowns champion treasure hunter, makes ‘Boston-Strong’ presentation at National Sand Sculpting Festival

Avid metal detectorists and treasure hunters often debate who is the best at their craft. 

Minelab, manufacturer of the world’s best handheld metal detectors, decided to find out by assembling four experienced and highly-skilled detectorists to see who could find the most seeded coins along the beach in Revere, Mass.

As host of “Treasure Quest” events from July 19-21 at the 10th annual National Sand Sculpting Festival at Revere Beach, MA, Minelab invited beachgoers to try their hand at metal detecting to win free prizes and see the best detectorists vie for top honors. 

Featured participants in the 15-minute head-to-head competitive treasure hunt for seeded coins in the sand were some of the best in the business, including:

  • Ron Guinazzo - aka “Chicago Ron,” one of the stars of The Travel Channel’s TV hit “Dig Wars”
  • Eleanor Hube, Minelab dealer partner and owner of J & E Enterprises in South Yarmouth, MA
  • Gary Drayton, a prolific beach hunter and metal detecting author from Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.
  • Chuck Smalley, Minelab dealer partner and owner of S/W Shooters Supplies & Prospecting in Cordova, IL

The four hunters, who each used a Minelab X-TERRA 305 detector, moved at a very rapid pace, each displaying his or her unique style of locating, digging and collecting coins.  The winner with 35 coins was Eleanor Hube, who edged Chicago Ron by one.  Smalley and Drayton were close behind. Hube, who has metal detected for more than 30 years, was proud to win the competition. 

“I just focused on doing what I do best and was fortunate to have lady luck on my side,” Hube explained.  “While I was the best at finding coins on the beach today, I tip my cap to the other competitors who are all very talented detectorists.  But I have bragging rights for the year and will proudly display this Minelab trophy in my store.”

Minelab brought the expert detectorists to Revere Beach to help beachgoers try their hand at metal detecting.  More than 600 people received a short training session by one of the experts and tried to find as many coins as possible in a 15-minute period.   Everyone walked away with free prizes and a dozen won a free Minelab X-TERRA 305 metal detector.

Minelab Sales Director Malissa Salzinger was pleased with the amount of interest Revere Beach visitors showed in trying the hobby and seeing how much others enjoyed seeing some of the best compete head to head.

“We know our presence introduced this interesting hobby to a whole new audience of future detectorists,” Salzinger said.  “We had so many people tell us how much they enjoyed this activity.  The expert detectorist competition was the icing on the cake in terms of seeing how much fun treasure hunting can be.  We look forward to coming back again next year and seeing Eleanor defend her championship.”

Minelab is an industry leader in promoting the metal detecting hobby.  For the third straight year they will host “Go Minelabbing,” a treasure hunting celebration for avid detectorists and newcomers alike that is the focus at more than a dozen events throughout the world on International Metal Detecting Day, May 17, 2014.

Minelab’s ‘Boston Strong’ tribute
Following the Boston Strong theme at the 2013 Revere Beach Sand Sculpting Festival, Minelab joined event organizers in recognizing the heroic acts of Boston Marathon Hero Carlos 'Cowboy Hat Guy' Arredondo.  On the main stage of the final day of the event, Minelab Consumer Marketing Director David Mooney presented a new X-TERRA 305 metal detector to Arredondo, who remarked that he has always wanted a metal detector.

“This may be the most poignant moment of our visit to Revere Beach this year,” said Mooney during the presentation.  “We’re going to make a treasure hunter out of Carlos, who has earned the admiration of the entire world for his unselfish and heroic actions.  On behalf of the entire Minelab team, we wish Carlos and his wife Melida many years of treasure hunting excitement and success.”

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