22 Jan 2013

More choice, more value and more accessories from Minelab!

Minelab has introduced two new bundled packages for the X-TERRA 705 and the Safari detectors and a fantastic new carry bag for the CTX 3030.

The X-TERRA 705 Dual Pack

X-TERRA 705 Dual Pack

Twice the ADVENTURE! Now get the best of both worlds by using the 7.5 kHz coil for all round detecting and treasure hunting then quickly swap to the 18.75 kHz coil for finding those elusive small gold nuggets when prospecting.

Now, the X-TERRA 705 is bundled with a:

  • 9” Concentric 7.5 kHz Waterproof Coil and
  • 10” x 5” Elliptical Double-D 18.75 kHz Water-resistant Coil

The Safari Pro Pack

Safari Pro Pack

Go Pro! Now you can detect for longer by using the rechargeable battery as your main power source, and keep the AA pack as a backup. You can also use the supplied headphones to cut out more environmental noise and pick up the faint target signals of even more treasures.

The Safari Pro Pack consists of:

  • Safari metal detector
  • RPG PH100R Headphones with adjustable headband and left and right channel volume controls
  • a NiMH rechargeable Battery Pack and
  • a mains battery charger (240v or 110v version depending on country)

New CTX 3030 carry bag

CTX 3030 Carry Bag

Carrying your CTX 3030 just got easier! This sturdy new vinyl bag provides a custom fit, convenient transportation and storage system for your CTX 3030. It features increased headroom for the control box, (user interface) is versatile enough to fit other Treasure and Gold detectors and also provides a zipped storage compartment to safely keep other accessories – so you can now carry all of your detecting equipment safely in one bag.

To find out more information on these products, pricing and availability, please contact your nearest Authorised Minelab Dealer or Distributor.

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