22 Jan 2013

‘Incredibly rare’ 5.5kg nugget found in Ballarat, Australia

An anonymous prospector had a life changing experience last Wednesday when he found an astonishing 5.5kg (12 pounds) nugget 60cms underground in Ballarat, Victoria using a GPX 5000.

The find is reportedly worth more than $300,000 as the actual gold price is supplemented by a premium due to its size and rarity.

Speaking on behalf of the prospector, Cordell Kent of Ballarat Mining Exchange Gold Shop said, "There has been many prospectors that have walked past the exact place where the nugget was found and have missed it with an ordinary detector and did not have the technology to find it…that’s why this guy found it.

"This detector he used is the best there is, it goes deeper and further into the ground, better than others."

The prospector and his wife – who didn’t believe him at first - are understandably thrilled about the find but the prospector hopes there is more out there and has gone straight back to his find site with his Minelab.

Minelab’s General Manager, Asia Pacific, Mr Gary Shmith, commented, ‘This fantastic find in Ballarat confirms the potential for prospectors to succeed with our state of the art metal detectors as they prove that they can find gold that others may have missed. Since it’s release in 2010, the GPX 5000 has been recognised globally as the ultimate detector for gold prospecting and, whilst we are heavily focused on research and development into new technologies, the GPX 5000 will continue to be the company’s flagship product for some time yet.

If you want to try and find your life changing nugget - find your nearest Minelab Authorised Dealer or Distributor here.

Keep checking the website for story updates and more pictures from Cordell Kent.

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