22 Nov 2012

Minelab’s counterfeit product warning



We’re aware of the latest attempts by counterfeit manufacturers to copy our Genuine Minelab Brand Protection Security labels featured on our Gold detector products and have joined forces with a world leading expert in Brand Protection technology to develop a system that quickly and easily verifies if you have a GENUINE MINELAB. Download the video.

How does it work?

The two level system comprises of large or small security labels, a security Viewer and an online verification system. Different products have different sized labels, but all of the GPX series detectors, Commander Coils, the Eureka Gold and X-TERRA 705 Gold Pack have been fitted with these labels. For added security, the outer cartons of these products have also been fitted with a security label fastened with a rivet to prevent re-use.

For details on the two level system, please read the ‘Customer Counterfeit Warning’ article by clicking on the link below for your chosen language:

Together we can combat the counterfeiter’s attempts and ensure you get the performance you expect from a Minelab with the same after sales support and guarantees.

To get your free security Viewer, ask your local Authorised Minelab Dealer or email your local Minelab office (contact details below) and we will despatch one to you immediately.

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