30 Oct 2015

Minelab Holiday Promotion 2015

November 1st - January 15th 2016

We are delighted to announce our Fantastic Minelab Holiday Promotion 2015. There are some great offers across our range of detectors that are not to be missed.

Minelab will be running 2 sets of promotions. We will be giving away some free items with our GO-FIND Series and we will also be launching a Coupon Booklet you can use against the purchase of our CTX 3030, E-TRAC, Safari, Excalibur II, X-TERRA 705 & 505 detectors. These offers are only valid this year from 1st November 2015 through to 15th January 2016*. 

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12 Oct 2015

GPZ 7000 Software Update

Better Ground Balancing = Finding More Gold!

Minelab are pleased to announce the first software update to our GPZ 7000 detector. 

This free update incorporates a new Auto Ground Tracking Algorithm resulting in improved Auto Ground Balance functionality.

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28 Sep 2015

GO-FIND Series Product Review

American Digger Magazine. September 2015 issue

GO-FIND 40_LHS_350px.jpg

The American Digger Magazine recently published a great product review article from Britain Lockhart and John Velke on our GO-FIND series. Click here to read the article. The American Digger Magazine recently published a great product review article from Britain Lockhart and John Velke on our GO-FIND series.

Click here to read the article. 

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21 Aug 2015

Back to school? – You’ve got to be ‘beeping’ joking!

by Sharon McKee

Passing the responsible detecting course at Secondary School.jpg

Since the discovery of the Galloway Viking hoard, Derek (McLennan) and I have been very busy implementing our ideas and vision for our company Beyond The Beep, and its direct involvement within the hobby we love.

Beyond the Beep is, without doubt, a catchy name and Derek and I were really pleased with it as it represents the concepts behind our not-for- profit metal detecting company… that is until recently, when a young Scottish man (who was not a detectorist) complimented us on the name by saying, “That’s a really cool name for a company.”

 We responded with sincere thanks. He then said, “But tell me this, what does the ‘Beep’ stand for?”

 “Sorry. Don’t understand what you mean?” we replied.

“You know, ‘Beep’ as in swear words that are beeped over.”

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18 Aug 2015

Join in the Great Minelab Treasure Hunt for your chance to discover a specialized Minelab Coin & Win a GO-FIND 40!

Stay tuned to our Minelab Facebook page for regular updates and coin coordinates. 

*Terms & Conditions apply. 

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17 Aug 2015

‘Detectorists’ on BBC and Acorntv Hope to Unearth a Fortune



“Detectorists,” a 2014 BBC sitcom, is part of a long tradition of British comedies about daft eccentrics. But instead of going in the direction of noisy farce, it’s dreamy and steeped in melancholy, with a hint of the charm of the Ealing films and the great Scottish comedies of Bill Forsyth.

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08 Jul 2015

Minelab Metal Detectors Mark the Spot for One Treasure Hunter

beach hunting Chicago.jpg

Josh Kimmel said he always had a fascination for finding lost objects, even as a child. However, after sustaining vision injuries as a teeanger that left him legally blind, Kimmel believed his treasure hunting days were over.

“I needed a game changer if I was to continue my quest for the past,” Kimmel said. 





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21 Apr 2015

With Swedish support and Minelab technology, the HALO Trust adopts an innovative solution to a unique technical challenge in Mozambique


Even after 25 years of humanitarian mine clearance, the HALO Trust continues to face new challenges as it works on some of the world’s most difficult minefields. When confronted with a new technical challenge, HALO leverages not only its own experience, but also its network of technical experts and committed donors to find a solution. Such was the case when HALO encountered minimum metal anti-personnel mines under the Gumbane power lines in Mozambique. It was with support from Sweden and Minelab technology, that HALO was able to adopt an innovative solution. 

Right: Funding from the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs allowed HALO to purchase three Minelab GPX 5000 detectors to find M14 mines on the Gumbane power line in Mozambique. (Photo credit: Brent Stirton)

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08 Apr 2015

Viking treasure finders go back to school


Detecting 1 no watermark.jpg

Derek McLennan and his partner Sharon McKee, finders of the Galloway Viking treasure hoard unearthed last year, have not been sitting idle since they discovered Scotland’s greatest ever treasure. The duo have formed a not for profit company aptly named “Beyond The Beep” and are currently piloting an outdoor educational programme for Scottish schools, teaching children about responsible metal detecting and discovering history. The company currently has two pilot programmes up and running in the Dumfries and Galloway region of Scotland, and it is hoped to expand this service throughout Scotland and the UK in the future. 

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13 Mar 2015

Minelab Worldwide Partner Conference 2015 – Another Great Success

Minelab recently held our 5th Annual Partner Conference, which was also our 1st Annual Global Partner Conference, in New Orleans from the 5th – 8th of February. This was the first year that the conference was opened to all dealers from across the world with people attending from Australia, United Kingdom, Austria, Norway, Russia, Spain, Venezuela and more. There was even a competition to see who had the longest journey to arrive in New Orleans with the winning dealer travelling more than 30 hours to attend the conference.  We continue to be humbled and impressed with the show of commitment that our dealers make to attend these learning events!


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06 Mar 2015

GO-FIND Adventure Every Day!

Minelab is thrilled to announce our new GO-FIND entry level detector series. These easy-to-use detectors have been created especially for newcomers to take up metal detecting, with a great range of features at very affordable prices. GO-FIND detectors require no assembly, collapse to a small size for transport, and are very lightweight. The GO-FIND 40 and 60 have Treasure View LED indicators to show possible trash & possible treasure finds, and also Bluetooth integration to work with Minelab’s GO-FIND apps that have Coin ID and Google Maps capability. Pack a GO-FIND for your next outdoor adventure. It’s awesome fun for the whole family!


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18 Feb 2015


Minelab is excited to announce our new flagship gold detector, the GPZ 7000. Equipped with exclusive Zero Voltage Transmission (ZVT) technology, developed by Bruce Candy, and state-of-the-art features, the GPZ 7000 offers the deepest ground penetration and represents the most significant advancement in gold detecting technologies in years. This revolutionary gold detector will discover the deepest gold in mineralized ground and has the highest sensitivity available to detect even the smallest traces of gold.


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12 Feb 2015

8kg GOLD nugget found in Xinjiang China


8kg Gold Nugget found with SD 2200.jpg

An 8kg GOLD nugget valued at over $318,000 USD was unearthed on January 30th  2015 in Qinghe County, Xinjiang using Minelab’s SD 2200 gold detector.

Gold prospector Bie Re Ke is the man responsible for this significant and valuable GOLD find. 

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15 Jan 2015


Detectors to be used in Mozambique and Zimbabwe to aid in crime scene investigations of illegal poaching

Minelab, the world leader in providing metal detecting technologies for consumer, humanitarian demining and military needs, today announced that it has donated three Safari metal detectors to the International Anti-Poaching Foundation (IAPF), an Australian non-profit organization that aims to bring awareness to illegal animal poaching and to empower anti-poaching units through education and action.



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13 Jan 2015

Surfer’s ring, lost on Bolinas beach, returned after 35 years

Robert Fowler was surfing off Bolinas in 1979 when he felt his gold class ring slip off his finger and disappear.

The thing it disappeared into was the Pacific Ocean, a body of water not known for giving things back.

Fast-forward 35 years, as can happen in seagoing tales. Two weeks ago, treasure hunter Larry Feurzeig was strolling the Bolinas beach at low tide with his Minelab metal detector, listening through his headphones for pings that usually mean he’s the lucky finder of yet another beer can, fishing weight or penny.

Not this time...Click here to read the full story. 

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19 Dec 2014

"Diary of a Merchant" - The world's first 3D-simulator game.

The world's first 3D-simulator game. (Available to download) 

Also, to use as a teaching tool for working with your Minelab metal detector! 

Discover the world of rare coins and finds, feel like a modern treasure seeker! 

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13 Nov 2014


By Alastair Hacket (National Council for Metal Detecting - Scotland)

One of the largest and most important discoveries of Viking treasure in Scotland was unearthed in September 2014 by 47 year old retired businessman Derek McLennan.

More than 100 objects, including solid gold jewellery, arm bands and silver ingots, were discovered by Derek on church land in Dumfries and Galloway.



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01 Nov 2014

Minelab Holiday Promotion 2014

It is that time of year again when we look ahead to the Holiday Season. So, we are delighted to announce our Fantastic Minelab Holiday Promotion 2014  There are some great offers across our range of detectors that are not to be missed. 

These offers are only valid from 1st November to 31st December 2014 and will be supplied against any new detector bought within that time period.

For further information on our fantastic Holiday Promotion offers please contact Minelab  or go to the where to buy section on our website to find your nearest Authorised Minelab dealer.

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14 Oct 2014

Viking treasure haul unearthed in Scotland with Minelab CTX 3030

Minelab Detectorist Derek McLennan has uncovered a haul of Viking treasure in south west Scotland which Experts have said is one of the most important Viking hoards ever found in Scotland. 



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08 Oct 2014

Gordon Heritage interview with John Stoner

John Stoner discusses his amazing rare coin find with Gordon Heritage.

Watch this video for detailed information on John’s discovery!

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01 Oct 2014

Golden wedding! Groom spends 18 months panning for Scottish gold and has wedding bands made in a labour of love

A groom in Scotland spent hours over months panning for tiny specks of gold. Using a simple gold pan, trowel, shovel and rake to collect nuggets he collected over 100g of the rare Scottish gold, which is 22 carat purity. He used this to make a unique engagement ring cast for his fiancée and even mined further gold to create their matching unique wedding rings.


Click here to read the full story. 

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26 Sep 2014

Re-united…after 700 years!

The story really starts in 1066.  William the Conqueror has defeated Harold at the battle of Hastings and immediately orders a full inventory to be taken of his new Kingdom, The Doomsday book was the record created from this stock taking exercise. Once the new King knew what lands he had he proceeded to share some of it amongst his most favoured Lords.  

The Bury was the Manor House at High Easter in the county of Essex.  William awarded this Manor, complete with the Manor House to Geoffrey De Mandeville as reward for the help Geoffrey gave William in winning his Kingdom.  The Bury passed down the De Mandeville line until Geoffrey’s great, great, great Granddaughter gave it to Henry De Bohun when they married in 1227.  The Bury stayed in the De Bohun family until 1403.

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08 Sep 2014

£1m 'perfect' US threepenny bit from the time of the Pilgrim Fathers found with Minelab Detector

Minelab Detectorist John Stoner dug up the extremely rare New England coin in a field outside the village of King's Clipstone in Nottinghamshire.

The extremely rare New England coin, bearing the date 1652, is expected to sell for up to £1million when it is auctioned.


It has been hailed as one of the finest examples of a currency produced in the days of the Pilgrim Fathers in a land that would become the United States


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20 Aug 2014

Cornwall’s most rewarding hobby


Click here to read the full article on Minelab CTX 3030 user Matthew Thompson showcasing his amazng range of finds to a local Canadian newspaper. 

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11 Aug 2014

Early Chinese Coin Discovered on Remote Northern Territory Beach

 The inaugural ‘Past Muster’ held at Elcho Island, in the far north of Australia, has made a unique archaeological discovery says Mike Owen, co-founder of the history research group Past Masters. Working hand in hand with Yolngu (Aboriginal) Rangers from the Marthakal Resource Centre and ‘Learning on Country’ students, scientists from the Past Masters identified a Chinese coin minted in Beijing as early as 1736.

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Chinese Coin Find with Minelab Metal Detectors.pdf - 199.35 KB

09 Jul 2014




Minelab, the world leader in providing metal detecting technologies for consumer, humanitarian demining and military needs, today announced the official release of its latest product, the SDC 2300 All-Terrain Gold Detector. The collapsible military-grade compact detector comes assembly free and is waterproof and fully submersible up to a depth of ten feet (3m).

The rugged detector enables detectorists to clearly identify even the smallest patches of sub-gram gold. During product testing, field testers have discovered nuggets weighing less than 0.02 grams.

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03 Jul 2014

Minelab Summer Promotions


Minelab have launched 2 great summer promotions on both our X-TERRA 705 Dual Pack and Excalibur II Detectors.  

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25 Apr 2014

Amateur treasure hunters are to thank for nearly 1m archaeological finds in the UK

The latest report on the Portable Antiquities Scheme reveals that metal detectorists were responsible for 90% of recorded discoveries

Amateur treasure hunters have been responsible for nearly 1m archaeological discoveries in the UK in the past 15 years. According to the latest annual report on the Portable Antiquities Scheme, which is run by the British Museum on behalf of the government, 920,000 finds have been made, of which 8,500 were declared to be “treasure”.

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23 Apr 2014

'Why I Love Minelabbing' Competition winner donates prize to Detect America Kids Foundation

Brandon Neice, winner of our ‘Why I Love Minelabbing’ competition has put his winning prize of a CTX 3030 from Minelab to good use. With the help of Gerry McMullen from Gerry's Detectors in Boise, they have managed to turn one machine into many machines.

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16 Apr 2014

Minelab - A Company Overview


Treasure hunting is an active living practice that has eclipsed its literary reputation. Watch our new video for additional insight into this exciting lifestyle and hobby!



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21 Mar 2014

Minelab Detectorist, Merlin, strikes gold and finds 18 carat nugget on seabed of British beach


Armed with his Excalibur 1000 metal detector Merlin Cadogan, waded through the waves at Westward Ho! in Devon in search of gems from the deep. He said he 'couldn't believe his eyes' when to his delight his detector found a substantial lump of gold.


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14 Mar 2014

Staffordshire Hoard to be studied for the first time by experts at the Birmingham Museum and Gallery


The Staffordshire hoard which is the largest Anglo-Saxon hoard ever to be found in the UK has been brought together for experts to study at Birmingham Museum and Gallery. Experts have discovered more than 600 new links, joins and associations between the parts and the discovery has shed new light on the Anglo-Saxon poem Beowulf as the description of a warrior’s adornment in gold is now thought to be more realistic than experts previously believed. They believe the precious artefacts, which range from fragments of helmet to gold sword decorations engraved with animals and encrusted with jewels, are a ‘true archaeological mirror’ to the great Anglo-Saxon poem Beowulf.

The hoard was discovered in 2009 by Minelab Detectorist Terry Herbert and is considered one of the most important ever found.

Click here to read the full article. 

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13 Mar 2014

Go Minelabbing 2014


Join Minelab on May 17th to celebrate the 3rd Annual Go Minelabbing International Metal Detecting Day as we celebrate by having a day of activities for Minelabbers of all ages and of all experience levels!

Grab your favorite detector and hit the fields to hunt along other Minelabbers for chances to win great prizes. 

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12 Mar 2014

A week with Minelab Metal Detectors

Here are some exciting new articles from Lovecpokladu in the Czech Republic about detecting with Minelab Detectors. They articles cover everything from the history of Minelab, our detectors and some of our newer products such as our PRO-FIND 25. We hope you enjoy them. 

Článek je určen všem, kteří se chtějí dozvědět ještě vice o detektorech kovů Minelab.


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11 Mar 2014

A history of the Viking world – in 10 extraordinary objects

The director of the British Museum, Neil MacGregor talks about the the museum's latest blockbuster show - The Vikings: Life and Legend exhibition which is running in the Museum from 6th March to 22nd June. Discover the Viking world in this major exhibition – the first at the British Museum for over 30 years.

Vikings Live from the British Museum will also be broadcast in UK cinemas on 24 April cinemas nationwide.

Click here to read the full article on these amazing finds some of which were found by people using detectors. 

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11 Mar 2014

Minelab Professional Improvement Scholarship

From the first offering of Advanced Metal Detecting for the Archaeologist, Minelab Americas has volunteered personnel and trial detectors to assist in the teaching of best practices to professional archaeologists.  Minelab is pleased to announce that starting with the October 2014 offering of the AMDA class, they will provide Minelab Professional Improvement Scholarships to up to five college students (undergraduate or graduate).  Minelab recognizes that a general lack of funds may be keeping college students from attending AMDA, and the scholarships will cover the tuition costs for the AMDA class. 

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06 Mar 2014

Minelab CTX 3030 unearths major treasure in Mexico

Minelab CTX 3030 Mexico find.jpg

March 2014 - Guerrero, Mexico: A large silver cache, which is possibly dated from the early 19th century Spanish trade, was unearthed at nearly 6 feet (1.8m) below the surface in southern Mexico using a Minelab CTX 3030 metal detector.  

The finder reported to Minelab “I have used other metal detectors in the past and they did not work.  Only the Minelab CTX 3030 was able to pick up the signal and without it, I would have never found this cache.” 

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20 Feb 2014



Minelab is delighted to have been awarded Best Detector Brand for the second year running by Spanish magazine D&M. During the year, Spanish magazine D&M holds competitions throughout Spain, in which participants and their machines are tested. Minelab was the clear winner, as you can see here. The award reflects the continued hard work and effort that the Minelab International team have undertaken to build our brand in this important market.

Minelab are also thrilled to be awarded by the “Best of Northeast 21 Metal Detector 2014” for the CTX 3030. To be acknowledged as the best in class amongst our peers is a tremendous achievement for the team. Minelab would like to thank D&M magazine & Best of Northeast 21 for awarding Minelab with these 2 accolades that will surely help us spread the message that Minelab are the go-to brand for metal detectors throughout the world. 

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Treasure Hunters Gazette.pdf - 733.52 KB

06 Feb 2014

James Madison's Montpelier Scholarship Program


Minelab and James Madison's Montpelier Estate are offering a scholarship program for participants to submit entries to earn the opportunity to work side by side with the archaeology team at James Madison Montpelier.

Please note that the final submission date has been extended for additional classes until June 1st

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31 Jan 2014

SDC 2300 Product Details Announced

Minelab is pleased to provide further information about our exciting new SDC 2300 GOLD detector scheduled for release in mid-2014.

They say the best things come in small packages! This is certainly true for the SDC 2300. It’s compact, waterproof and built to perform in the toughest conditions. Undiscovered gold patches on land and underwater won’t stand a chance when the Minelab SDC 2300 gold detector makes its debut.

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28 Jan 2014

Minelab Sweet Symphony

Minelab Launch Sweet Symphony Video

Welcome to Minelab's Sweet Symphony! We hope you enjoy watching this as much as we enjoyed making it! To celebrate we are running an exciting competition, please click here to find out more or contact us for more information!

Also, why not check out the making of video and image gallery!


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24 Jan 2014


Northern California Relic Hunter Makes a Surprising Find


 “A couple buddies and I have been using our Minelab detectors to relic hunt gold country gold camps and home sites. Many of these sites have been considered "hunted out" but the Minelab CTX 3030 is opening them back up and we are unearthing some amazing relics and coins."

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20 Jan 2014

Amateurs find hundreds of treasures

Figures from The British Museum show amateur archaeologists with metal detectors found 990 items classified as treasure during 2012, with nearly 74,000 items of historical interest discovered. 

Click here to read the full article.


13 Jan 2014

Minelab News Report – Broadcast over 50 countries

We are pleased to notify you of a 6 minute news report on Minelab which is broadcast this week, January 13th to 20th 2014. The Business Africa news report will broadcast across 50 countries worldwide and will be aired in English, French and Portuguese.

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Broadcast Plan.JPG - 305.96 KB
Broadcast Plan 2.JPG - 205.58 KB

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10 Dec 2013

Minelab Lifestyle Collection 2014/15

Minelab is pleased to introduce our New “Minelab Lifestyle Collection”   

You may expand your Minelab collection by purchasing one-of-a-kind Minelab merchandise and apparel from authorized Minelab dealers.



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Minelab Lifestyle Collection 2014.pdf - 4.00 MB

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09 Dec 2013

Minelab’s SDC 2300 is Coming Soon!

Minelab is proud to announce our new mid-range gold detector!

This exciting new product is a portable, compact, waterproof gold detector featuring Minelab’s improved MPF technology. Second only to the Minelab GPX Series in performance, the SDC 2300 will be the best mid-range gold detector available.

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05 Dec 2013

When a find is recorded, it is truly discovered’: metal-detecting and its contribution to archaeology

As the second series of Britain’s Secret Treasures was recently broadcast on ITV in the United Kingdom, Michael Lewis, Deputy Head of Portable Antiquities and Treasure, British Museum, released a great article in regards to metal detecting and its contribution to archaeology.  

To read this piece please click on the link here -

We hope you enjoy the article as much as we did.

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02 Dec 2013

A mid-range gold detector is coming soon!

Minelab will be announcing further details about our exciting new midrange gold detector on December 9th.   

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27 Nov 2013

The wet season is ending! It's time to find Gold!

The time to search for Gold is now! The wet season is ending bringing with it new opportunities to find those valuable nuggets. From 1 tiny gram up to kilograms……..small gold, big gold and everything in between, Minelab’s gold detectors are revolutionising how nugget Gold is being found in Africa every day. 

Minelab’s range of hand held gold detectors are easy to use and are the World’s Best detectors at finding gold! The Minelab GPX SeriesEureka Gold and X-TERRA 705 Gold are rapidly changing how African communities search for and FIND Gold offering easy to use technology to find those valuable Gold nuggets with accuracy in the toughest ground conditions. 


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22 Nov 2013

Check out the new Minelab CTX 3030 video.


Curious to learn about all aspects of the CTX 3030? 

Then why not check out our New CTX 3030 DVD with Gordon Heritage and Pat Watson on the Minelab YouTube channel. Learn all about the fantastic features that the CTX 3030 offers from Traget Trace to XChange2, GPS Functionality and much, much more. 

To view Minelab's new CTX 3030 DVD series featured on our YouTube channel please click the link provided: Sit back, relax and enjoy!

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15 Nov 2013

Minelab Christmas Promotion 2013

It is that time of year again when we look ahead to the Christmas Season. So, we are delighted to announce our Fantastic Minelab Christmas Promotion 2013  There are some great offers across our range of detectors that are not to be missed. 

Remember, these offers are only valid to 31stJanuary 2014 and will be supplied against any new detector bought within that time period.

For further information on our fantastic Christmas Promotion offers please contact Minelab on or go to the where to buy section on our website to find your nearest Authorised Minelab dealer.


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14 Nov 2013

Metal Detectorists and Archeologists pair up at James Madison’s Montpelier Estate


Metal detector experts and Archeologists are working together for the Montpelier Archaeology Certificate Program hosted at James Madison's Montpelier Estate in Orange, VA.

Participants receive training in both classroom style sessions and on the grounds of the Estate to learn how to conserve and catalogue finds as well as utilize metal detectors for plotting and surveying finds. Following the week-long session, participants will receive an Archeology Certificate.



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13 Nov 2013

Dreams come true via a GPX 5000


Metal detector finds - gold

We were in Matabeleland region in the early hours of the day determined to search for the gold nuggets. Our first 15 steps as we followed the GPX 5000 with an 18 inch dish were drawn into attention by a heavy noise of a target signal, whose depth was less than a meter.

We dug the target area and came across a solid 850g nugget. Wow we first shocked and puzzled because in our entire detecting job we had never seen such. The thought that came into the mind was to knock off from the hunt and celebrate the victory!!!

Thanks Minelab for the great machinery. You are the best.

Matterazie - Bulawayo Province, Zimbabwe

Click here for more information on our GPX 5000

Click here for 'Where to Buy' Minelab Gold Detectors worldwide.

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08 Nov 2013

Treasure found in Craiova, Romania with Minelab Safari



Dumitru Banta a Minelab detectorist from a  town called Craiova in Romania recently found a hoard of 1500 silver coins (close to 2kg). The silver coins date back to the time of Romanian leader Michael the Brave (Mihai Viteazul). 

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23 Oct 2013

The Benefits of Recording finds made by Metal Detectorists in Europe

Trevor Austin, NCMD General Secretary


Over the centuries, historical items, such as coins and artefacts have been discovered in the ground. As far back as Edward the Confessor finders were rewarded for items of Treasure Trove, although in ancient times this was intended to bolster the coffers of the then ruling monarch and there was not much concern for their historical importance. However we now live in a more enlightened age where the importance of such finds is recognised for their cultural importance to the nation.

Most farmland both in the UK and the rest of Europe, contains some level of archaeological material and it is recognised that a large proportion of this  would be vulnerable to degradation or destruction by modern invasive agriculture practices or succumb to other factors such as development pressures, if it were not recovered

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18 Oct 2013

Success in the goldfields of Zimbabwe


850gram nugget 2.jpg

Minelab gold detectors are responsible for major gold finds across the globe, including just recently a 5.5kg nugget found in Australia at 60cms depth using Minelab’s GPX 5000 valued in excess of US$300,000!

Many Zimbabweans are also using the GPX Series metal detectors with enormous success. Just in recent weeks, a prospector in Zimbabwe discovered a 1118 gram nugget using Minelab’s GPX 5000 and a group of 6 prospectors discovered an 850g nugget with the GPX 5000 in the Matabeleland region and days later another lucky Minelab user pulled a 99 gram nugget from the ground in nearby Bulawayo. 

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22 Sep 2013

Minelab supports local scouts rally

Laverstoke Park, Hampshire, UK

Scout Metal Detecting 001 (5).JPG

Out and about…with the Scouts at Mr and Mrs Sheckters place.

Metal detecting is such a rewarding pastime and it is always nice when the time and effort spent in gaining permissions is repaid in making an interesting find or two from a new field.  Our hobby can also be rewarding in many other ways and it is this belief that has always been a fundamental part of the Southern Detectorist Group’s way of doing things. 

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26 Aug 2013

Expert Metal Detectorists ‘Square Off’ At Revere Beach to Determine Who’s Best

Minelab crowns champion treasure hunter, makes ‘Boston-Strong’ presentation at National Sand Sculpting Festival

Avid metal detectorists and treasure hunters often debate who is the best at their craft. 

Minelab, manufacturer of the world’s best handheld metal detectors, decided to find out by assembling four experienced and highly-skilled detectorists to see who could find the most seeded coins along the beach in Revere, Mass.

As host of “Treasure Quest” events from July 19-21 at the 10th annual National Sand Sculpting Festival at Revere Beach, MA, Minelab invited beachgoers to try their hand at metal detecting to win free prizes and see the best detectorists vie for top honors.

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20 Aug 2013

Minelab Donation Helps Families Of Deceased Yarnell Firefighters

Arizona Outback raffles Minelab detector in charitable fundraiser

Arizona Outback's Chris Gholson (left) presents an $11,000 check to Prescott Division Fire Chief Eric Kriwer to help the families of the deceased Yarnell firefighters.

Arizona Outback, a leading supplier of metal detection technology in the US, today announced the winner of a Minelab Metal Detector, which was a key donation that helped raise more than $11,000 in funding to benefit the families of the 19 firefighters who perished battling the recent wildfires near the small town of Yarnell, AZ.

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08 Aug 2013

Metal detectors used to help solve ancient coin mystery

Bob with CTX 3030

A team of heritage professionals, led by heritage consultant Mike Owen and Ian McIntosh, a Professor of Anthropology at Indiana University in the US, has recently returned from a six day trip to investigate the story of Morry Isenberg and his discovery of Kilwa coins in World War two.

The team, known as the Past Masters ventured to Marchinbar Island in the Wessel Group off the coast of Australia's Northern Territory where Isenberg found the medieval era African coins in 1944 while taking time off from his role as a radar operator to go fishing.

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02 Aug 2013

New PRO-SWING 45 ergonomic harness from Minelab


At last - a revolutionary new detecting harness that increases time and comfort in the field. Introducing the new PRO-SWING 45 from Minelab, this ergonomic harness features a unique weight distribution system (W8) that evenly redistributes the weight of the detector around the body. No more sore arms!

The harness features versatility for left or right handed users, guarantees a perfect fit through 8 adjustment points and allows you to carry your complete detecting kit with you through 8 attachment points. It also fits any Minelab detector thanks to the universal S-cuff so this is the only harness you will ever need to buy.

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22 Jul 2013

Minelab partners with The Australian National University for Gold Mining research

Gold mining

'Going for Gold: Safe livelihoods for informal gold miners in South and Southeast Asia'

Safer ways for informal gold miners in South and Southeast Asia to prospect for gold will be investigated under an Australian Government grant won by The Australian National University (ANU) and Minelab.

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05 Jul 2013

Minelab expose US$1.6m counterfeit metal detector operation in Dubai

Large scale Police raid shuts down ‘factory’ fabricating counterfeit Minelab gold detection products

In a major Dubai police operation led by 1st Lieutenant Khalid Abdulla Quraiban Al-Muhairi, counterfeit Minelab product with a potential market value of AED5.9million (US$1.6m) was seized from an apartment complex operating as a makeshift ‘factory.’

The raid revealed that counterfeit parts were assembled and packed at the apartment complex before being sold in the open market as premium Minelab GPX Series gold detectors. Those arrested at the scene and in the aftermath of the raid are now awaiting prosecution by the UAE authorities.

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06 Jun 2013

Minelab launches new SMS verification system for GPX Series detectors


As part of our GENUINE MINELAB, GENUINE PERFORMANCE, STOP COUNTERFEITS campaign, we are pleased to announce the latest development in our anti–counterfeit activities - the introduction of a new SMS verification system for our GPX Series detectors.

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10 May 2013

Minelab wins Best Detector Brand in Spain

D&M award given to Minelab

Minelab is delighted to have been awarded Best Detector Brand by Spanish magazine D&M at the magazine's recent award ceremony in Andalucía, Spain. The award reflects the hard work and effort over the past 12 months that the Minelab International team have undertaken to build our brand in this important market.

The event celebrated the industry's achievements over the past year in metal detecting, research, archaeology and history.

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16 Apr 2013

Students hunt for treasure to learn about science

About 60 John Deere Middle School students came together in fields surrounding their school to hunt for coins. The self-named “Spartan Treasure Hunters” used Minelab metal detectors to search for dimes and nickels hidden among four fields. The exercise was a hands-on way to teach map skills, soil science, writing, data analysis and graphing as they looked for treasure.

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21 Feb 2013

Meteorite hunting with a Minelab by David Shackleton

Metal detecting find meteor

Hot of the press after the meteorite shower in Russia, we’ve got an exclusive article on how metal detectors can be used to find the cosmic material – which is more valuable than diamonds.

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04 Feb 2013

Minelab to launch new Gold Mining Division

Minelab Prospecting Community Environment

After the global increase in demand for gold detectors and Minelab’s continued success in finding more gold than any other detector brand, a new, dedicated Gold Mining division of the company has been established and will be unveiled at the Mining Indaba event in Cape Town, South Africa on 6th February 2013.

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04 Feb 2013

Ballarat nugget – the story of the GPX 5000 find

The story of the Ballarat nugget

When one of Cordell Kent’s regular gold prospecting clients walked through the door of The Mining Exchange Gold Shop on Wednesday 16th January, he could never have predicted that this was the moment he’d been waiting for for the last 20 years…

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31 Jan 2013

Society for Historical Archaeology Annual Conference

Metal detecting 2013 Society for Historical Archaeology Annual Conference

As part Minelab’s efforts to reach out to archaeologists and promote the use of metal detecting as an efficient and environmentally friendly way of discovering historic finds, the EMEA team participated in the 2013 Society for Historical Archaeology Annual Conference (SHAAC) in Leicester, UK from 9-12 January.

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24 Jan 2013

GO MINELABBING 2013 – Minelab’s day of metal detecting fun… and you’re invited!

National Metal Detecting Day 2013

Saturday, May 18, 2013 is Minelab Americas’ second annual National Metal Detecting Day (NMDD) and you’re invited to experience the fun of a truly rewarding recreational activity. If you’ve ever wondered about metal detecting – how you do it, where you do it and what you can find – come along to your nearest NMDD event and try it for yourself.

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22 Jan 2013

‘Incredibly rare’ 5.5kg nugget found in Ballarat, Australia

An anonymous prospector had a life changing experience last Wednesday when he found an astonishing 5.5kg (12 pounds) nugget 60cms underground in Ballarat, Victoria using a GPX 5000.

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22 Jan 2013

More choice, more value and more accessories from Minelab!

Minelab has introduced two new bundled packages for the X-TERRA 705 and the Safari detectors and a fantastic new carry bag for the CTX 3030.

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22 Nov 2012

Minelab’s counterfeit product warning

Stop Counterfeits


We’re aware of the latest attempts by counterfeit manufacturers to copy our Genuine Minelab Brand Protection Security labels featured on our Gold detector products and have joined forces with a world leading expert in Brand Protection technology to develop a system that quickly and easily verifies if you have a GENUINE MINELAB.

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20 Nov 2012

KBCCI 2012 Goldfields Business & Employee Awards


Minelab would like to congratulate Australian Minelab dealer Finders Keepers for their success at the KBCCI (Kalgoorlie-Boulder Chamber of Commerce & Industry) 2012 Goldfields Business & Employee Awards.

Finders Keepers was nominated and won the award for Best Business with 1 to 5 employees.

They also nominated their tourism business 'Kalgoorlie Tours & Charters' and won the Tourism Award.

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15 Nov 2012

Minelab partners with – thousands of new treasure hunting opportunities


Minelab has formed an exclusive partnership  to create thousands of new treasure hunting opportunities. Now, inquisitive youngsters and adults alike can hunt for collectable geocoins and enter their creative finds into a Facebook photo contest with a chance to win the grand prize of a Mexican cruise for two. Best of all, it’s free to enter and anyone can join the hunt.

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13 Nov 2012

Ocean Technology Systems & Minelab Americas To Introduce New Underwater Metal Detecting Solutions at DEMA Show 2012

DEMA 2012

Unveils New Underwater Metal Detector That Allow Scuba Divers to Simultaneously Hear Detector’s Tones and Communicate with the Team at the Surface.

Las Vegas, Nevada USA - November 13, 2012 - Minelab Americas and OTS (Ocean Technology Systems) will introduce two new evidence recovery solutions for extreme underwater conditions tomorrow at the DEMA Show 2012. Specifically designed for marine law enforcement and military agencies, scuba divers can now metal detect for evidence underwater while maintaining 2-way communications with the team at the surface. Ideal for evidence recovery near shorelines, deep lakes, murky ponds, high-sand debris and deep ocean dives, Minelab’s audio tones produced from their metal detector can now integrate into OTS’s Full Face Mask (FFM) communication technology.

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31 Oct 2012

The ultimate TREASURE detector just got better!

CTX 3030 ripple_fading background_medium.png

Find more buried targets at maximum depth with the NEW Seawater Mode Setting and say goodbye to sore fingers with the NEW Pinpoint Lock option.

The Seawater Mode Setting increases sensitivity in salt water conditions so you discover valuable finds quicker at maximum depth and with the new ‘click on, click off’ Pinpoint Lock option, you no longer have to keep the trigger pressed for the Pinpoint function to work.

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31 Oct 2012

Treasure Quest is a Success

Minelab Treasure Quest 2012 - Cameron enjoying detecting - Adelaide Australia

On October 20th 2012, Minelab celebrated the release of its X-TERRA range of detectors into the Adelaide Anaconda Store, with our very first Treasure Quest 2012 event! We gave away four X-TERRA 305's and many other prizes to participants who found keys in 90 tons of sand in the Mile End car park, with a majority of participants using detectors for the first time. In fact three of our detector winners had previously never used a detector before.

Local celebrity Cosi from Triple M and local travel show "South Aussie with Cosi" was our MC for the day, who with his great enthusiasm and comedic skills couldn't have been more perfect for the role. Treasure talk bloggers Mark Williams and Nenad Lonic were on site all day to teach everyone about the hobby, with Mark holding presentations about his experiences in the hobby which attracted great interest from the crowds.

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12 Oct 2012

Relic Cross unearthed in Denmark

Kim Lund-Hansen

A splinter from the Cross of Jesus! This is what may very well be hidden within a fantastic detecting find! A 900 year old reliquary cross, made of solid silver.

For some time, Kim Lund-Hansen has been detecting in a specific area on the Danish Island of Bornholm. Having found this spot by studying both historical and modern maps, Kim began detecting the area with his Minelab X-TERRA 705 and found the occasional medieval artefact, prompting him to keep on searching.

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09 Oct 2012

Treasure Found in Crusader Castle, Israel

Mati Johananoff with his E-TRAC

Mati Johananoff, a student of archaeology volunteered at a salvage excavation at a crusader site, north of Tel Aviv in July 2012. This site perched on a cliff is home to a crusader castle, rich in history in an area of great historical importance. For Mati Johananoff, it’s a fascinating project to be part of, both for his studies at Tel Aviv University, and the opportunity to return to his childhood love of metal detecting.

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05 Oct 2012

New 6” and 15” X-TERRA coils by Coiltek Manufacturing

New 6in and 15in X-TERRA coils by Coiltek Manufacturing

Minelab is delighted to announce that as a result of collaboration with Coiltek Manufacturing, Coiltek has developed four great new coils for the X-TERRA range of metal detectors. These new accessory coils supplement the accessory range currently available for the ever-popular X-TERRA Series.

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04 Oct 2012

Minelab Americas - 2012 Partner Conference Award Winners

In September 2012 Minelab Americas held the 3rd Annual Minelab Americas Partner Conference in Charlottesville, Virginia. This conference was not only a great opportunity for Minelab Americas Partners to learn more about Minelab products but also a chance for Minelab to recognize some of the outstanding performances from our authorized Minelab partners from the past fiscal year of 2012.

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03 Oct 2012

Product Discontinuations

Minelab is discontinuing 2 of its existing products as of December 31st, 2012. These are:

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20 Aug 2012

Stolen GPX-4500 metal detectors

Recently, Minelab have had a shipment of GPX-4500 metal detectors stolen, and these units have now been appearing on the gray market and on sites like eBay. If you are not buying from an authorised dealer, please refer to our list of known stolen GPX-4500 serial numbers before making the purchase.

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08 Aug 2012

More Prospecting in Parks to be considered in Victoria


Prospectors are applauding the announcement by the Baillieu Coalition Government that they will fulfill their pre-election promise to review the exclusion of recreational prospecting from Victoria's world famous goldfields.

Victoria was built on gold; it has played a significant role in our history and it continues to be important to our social and economic wellbeing and we expect it to remain important to our future.

Modern prospectors have a strong environmental conscience and I am confident this will be recognised by the Victorian Environment Assessment Council's Investigation into the lifting of prohibitions on our low-key activities.

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16 Jul 2012


PRO-FIND 25 Pinpointer

Minelab is excited to officially announce a new addition to our product range… the PRO-FIND 25 pinpointer probe.

Locate coins, rings, treasure and gold with speed and accuracy. With a great range of features the PRO-FIND 25 offers detectorists PRECISION PINPOINTING at its best. Our new Detector Interference Free (DIF) technology makes the PRO-FIND 25 the perfect partner for a Minelab detector, or any other detector.

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28 Jun 2012

Petiton to Allow Prospecting & Fossicking in Queensland State Forests Australia

The petition is trying to get support to allow prospecting and fossicking in Queensland state forests. This will allow the growth of this past time in Queensland, and bring in valuable tourist dollars to Queensland.

This petition is intended to show the Queensland government of the support in wider community for fossicking.

There has been a slow erosion of prospector’s rights across Australia, with the Northern Territory and Tasmania being the latest to bring in rules heavily restricting fossicking and prospecting.

Like Hunters, shooters, 4 wheel drivers and other outdoor pursuits Australians are finding the areas they can go are becoming smaller and smaller.

To find out more about this petition and show your support please visit:

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19 Jun 2012

Woodland Detectors is no longer an Authorised Minelab Dealer

Woodland Detectors is no longer an Authorised Dealer of Minelab products. Please check our Where to Buy page to find a great Minelab dealer near you. Thank you for your support!

06 Jun 2012

Niitek and Minelab announce plan to launch new handheld detector at Eurosatory 2012

Dulles, VA – NIITEK, Inc., a subsidiary of the Chemring Group PLC ("Chemring") and Minelab announced today their plan to launch a new handheld Ground Penetrating Radar/Metal Detector (GPR/MD) at the upcoming Eurosatory tradeshow in Paris, France. The Handheld will be on display in the Minelab booth, number D360 from June 11-15, 2012 and is intended for worldwide military and commercial sales.

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04 Jun 2012

National Metal Detecting Day

On May 19th, the inaugural National Metal Detecting Day, Minelab and various metal detector community groups sponsored "Go Minelabbing" events in 6 cities across the US, México, and Canada. Plenty of fun was had by all who joined in with multiple hunts and challenges, guest speakers, dinners and prizes keeping the crowds entertained.

Minelab would like to thank everyone who played a part in helping us celebrate National Metal Detecting Day and making it the fantastic event it was! In case you missed it, here is what some of the attendees had to say about the day...

Atlantic City, USA

That was a great weekend, and fun was had by all. And that was a terrific dinner, too - gave us the strength to get out there on Sunday! Paul Havemann

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01 Jun 2012

Minelab on Relic Roundup

Just in case you missed it, Minelab America's very own Gary Schafer featured on Relic Roundup recently. To hear what Gary had to say, answering questions on Minelab detectors, and talking about both the new models and old standbys visit American Digger's Relic Roundup archives.

18 May 2012

XChange 2 - Your Detecting Connection - FREE download available now!

If you have looked at the CTX 3030 website or brochure you might have come across the XChange 2 PC application. XChange 2 is available right now, free of charge, and can be used by any detectorist. Whilst there are some additional features that are exclusive to users of the CTX 3030, XChange 2 is a great tool for all detectorists. Why not give it a try! 

No matter which detector you use, with XChange 2 your world of discovery can now be simply managed on your personal computer (PC). XChange 2 allows you to store and retrieve a combination of finds, detector and location data. This information can also be displayed on Google Maps. All of your personal detecting data is stored locally and securely on your PC and is not accessible by Minelab or anybody else, so you can keep your detecting information as top secret as you like. 

Download XChange 2 today, along with the Instruction Manual, and change the way you go detecting – forever! 

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18 May 2012

More CTX 3030 Information just released!

CTX 3030 Instruction Manual Cover

As we approach the on sale date of May 28, enthusiastic detectorists all around the world have been eagerly awaiting the release of new information on our new flagship TREASURE detector - the CTX 3030.

The Getting Started Guide explains how to assemble the CTX 3030 with a minimum of fuss and provides some basic information on the main controls to have you detecting in no time. This guide can be downloaded here.

The detailed Instruction Manual provides a comprehensive explanation of all of the CTX 3030 functions, including Detect and Map screen information, Quick Menus, Smart Functions and advanced settings. This manual can be downloaded here.

Finally, for those of you who liked our short video introduction to the CTX 3030, we have now released the director’s cut extended version: CTX 3030 – The Future of Discovery for your viewing pleasure. This version gives an overview of the main product features and the key technologies in the ultimate TREASURE detector.

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11 May 2012

Get ALL the facts on the CTX 3030!

Metal detecting with the CTX 3030


Minelab is excited to bring you all the facts on the ultimate TREASURE detector, the CTX 3030. You can now find out much more about this revolutionary new detector at the dedicated CTX 3030 site. Find out more details about some of the key features, including Waterproof, Wireless Audio, FeCo Discrimination, GPS Locating, PC Mapping and Full Colour Display. Take the tour, download the brochure and read all about the Future of Discovery. You can also read the first Success Story and Treasure Talk posts right now!

From May 18th you will be able to download the Getting Started Guide, the Instruction Manual and the XChange 2 PC application. But we know what you are all really waiting for is a chance to get your hands on a detector and try it out. If you’re in the Americas you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to preview the CTX 3030 at any one of the six GoMinelabbing events happening on May 19. To find out more and register visit GoMinelabbing, but be quick, registrations are filling fast. To find out when you can see and try the CTX 3030 in-store before it goes on sale May 28th, please contact your local authorised Minelab dealer.

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04 May 2012

Announcing the ultimate TREASURE detector...


The team at Minelab are excited to announce, after a lot of hard work, some blood, sweat and tears, we will soon be bringing you the ultimate TREASURE detector, the CTX 3030. This revolutionary detector incorporates new and advanced technologies like nothing you’ve seen before. With the CTX 3030, The Future of Discovery is coming to a hunting ground near you very soon! If you’d like to find out more you can visit right now to view a short preview. Then stay tuned to find out more details on May 11th, before the CTX 3030 goes on sale worldwide May 28th.

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02 May 2012

The Countdown is on...


You may have noticed our homepage has recently been taken over by a 48 hour countdown. We can’t give any details just yet, but there is some very exciting news coming soon about ‘The Future of Discovery’. We can’t wait to share it with you, so check back to find out more when the countdown hits zero...

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16 Apr 2012

New security labels on Minelab’s products

GPX-4500 GPX 5000 security labels

Minelab has been running a GENUINE MINELAB; GENUINE PERFORMANCE; STOP COUNTERFEITS campaign, working to keep you informed and to ensure you avoid fake Minelab products. This campaign aims to protect the interests of you, our valued customers, as well as the authenticity and quality of Minelab’s products and brand.

In the latest stage of the campaign, Minelab has introduced new security labels designed for use on control boxes, coils and product cartons.

First phase implementation of these security labels focused on the GPX-4500, GPX 4800 and GPX 5000 (see examples shown right). In addition, the security label has been added to the product carton of all GPX Series detectors.

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16 Apr 2012

Winner of the Club of the Year UK Competition

Minelab is pleased to announce David Reynolds of Gwent Detecting Club as the winner of the Minelab Club of the Year-UK Competition.

David found a stunning 18ct gold Victorian brooch with a dazzling ruby and opal setting. His story aptly named “Giving to the Future” also brought to life his Clubs fundraising efforts. In the last two years, Gwent Detecting raised over £16,000 for different charities through detecting rally events across South Wales.

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13 Mar 2012

Minelab Americas and James Madison’s Montpelier

Partnering to Use Improved Technology to Discover “Lost” History

New Program Encourages Collaboration Between Metal Detectorists and Archaeologists

Minelab Americas and James Madison’s Montpelier, the home of the Father of the Constitution, have announced the launch of the Minelab Archaeological Certification Program (MACP). The new program will help metal detectorists and archaeologists work together to make quicker more systematic discoveries, while preserving historic site integrity. The pilot class will convene on the grounds of Montpelier, James Madison's Orange, Va. home. ...

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21 Feb 2012

New Authorised Service Centres in North America Launched

Minelab Americas have announced the opening of two new Authorised Service Centres designed to minimise costs for consumers and continue to speed up repairs across North America.

The new Service Centers based in Toronto, Canada and Orlando, Florida, will not only eliminate the high cost of international postage for Canadian Minelab owners, but more than double the total number of Minelab certified technicians...

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20 Feb 2012

Minelab donates funds for metal detecting rights

Donation of $41,250 to The Task Force for Metal Detection Rights Foundation

Downers Grove, IL - Minelab is a proud supporter of the Task Force for Metal Detecting Rights Foundation. The Task Force is a not-for-profit organization with the singular mission to promote and defend the lawful hobby of recreational metal detecting on public lands and waterways across America. Formed in 1996, efforts of the Task Force have benefited all of us who enjoy the recreational hobby of metal detecting.

Minelab has recently executed a fund-raising promotion with our Minelab Americas Partners to raise funds for the Task Force to help them continue the great work they are doing. Together we have successfully raised over $41,000 in funds and distributed the check to The Task Force for Metal Detecting Rights Foundation on the 8th of February, 2012 in New York City!

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20 Feb 2012

76oz of gold found in Ballarat Australia

metal detector find - 76oz gold nugget - aus

An Australian Minelab detectorist has made the exciting discovery of 76oz of gold in Ballarat, Victoria. Read the account of his discovery below.

Like most goldfield towns, Ballarat and its surrounds are still giving up their treasures to the prospector with a modern day Super Detector. It’s just become a bit harder to constantly find big gold nuggets and I’ve had to think differently about where and how I search for the big nuggets. This required a fair bit of thought and a lot of historical studies, in the field and in old documents.

One thing I got thinking about was all those deep hydraulically sluiced gullies around Ballarat, and when I went back in my research I found that most started off as a lead where the original miners sank relatively shallow shafts of 3 to 5 meters. After the leads were worked, the gutters and gullies were hydraulically sluiced where the rich auriferous gravels were processed in bulk, by company workers.

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16 Dec 2011

Updates from Minelab Zimbabwe

Minelab Zimbabwe Stand

Minelab Zimbabwe has been closely engaged with the artisanal small scale mining sector for many years introducing technology where none previously existed. The team in Zimbabwe are passionate about customer successes in the field and about the development of metal detecting as a whole.

With a base in Bulawayo and new dealerships in both Harare and Kwekwe, the team is well placed to cover the region for the supply of Genuine Minelab product. What’s more, Zimbabwe has a newly established repair, service and training facility for Minelab equipment.

Customers can now reference instruction manuals in the Ndebele language. For further information visit

22 Nov 2011

New iPhone apps

Epic Find screen shot

Minelab has entered the world of iPhone apps! The new free game Minelab Epic Find enables players to unearth incredible virtual treasure with the flick of a finger.

Using Epic Find you can now discover treasure anywhere with your pocket metal detector. It’s the next best thing to owning a real Minelab detector! Minelab Epic Find uses your iPhone camera to...

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27 Oct 2011

New DVD: Become a Gold Pro-Spector


Are you interested in learning how to get the most out of your GPX 5000 or GPX 4800 detector? Are you struggling to master the Ground Balance procedure, or have questions about search coil selection? Would you like to know more about each of the settings and how they affect overall performance? If you answered YES to any of these questions, then check out Minelab's newest training video, Become a Gold Pro-Spector.

Hosted by experienced prospector Chris Gholson, this 95-minute production was filmed in picturesque central Arizona; some of the most productive and mineralised gold country in the United States. Chris is a recognised authority in the industry...

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26 Oct 2011

Minelab Americas – 2011 Partner Conference Award Winners

Winner Business Growth Award % 2011

In September 2011 Minelab held the 2nd Annual Minelab Americas Partner Conference in Chicago. This conference was not only a great opportunity for Minelab Americas Partners to learn more about Minelab products but also a chance for Minelab to recognise some of the outstanding performances from our authorised Minelab dealers from fiscal year 2011.

The winners of the Partner Excellence awards are…

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10 Oct 2011

Treasure Hunting with Minelab – by Clive Clynick

finds by Clive Clynick

Presented by Minelab Canada

Minelab Canada is proud to present “world famous detectorist and famed author” Clive Clynick at the Great Outdoors and DIY Weekend being held at the International Centre, Mississauga, ON., November 25th – 27th, 2011. Clive will be providing FREE on stage seminars unlocking the mystery in finding treasure!

Clive has been detecting for some 30 plus years and is the author of over a dozen books and numerous articles on the detecting hobby. He plans to talk about the treasure detecting hobby as a family adventure and a great way to become acquainted with the history of your area! As well, Clive will answer questions, talk about Minelab products and provide a “Show and Tell” recent Treasure Finds with his trusted Minelab metal Detector!

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23 Sep 2011

New Minelab Catalogue!

Minelab Product Catalogue

Trying to choose which metal detector will be the best to meet your needs and wants can be a little confusing. In an effort to try and make this process a little simpler Minelab have been working on an all new product catalogue. All of our detectors are grouped into three categories - ADVENTURE, TREASURE and GOLD – just like they are now appearing on the metal detector pages of our website. There is also plenty of additional information to help you understand the basics of how a metal detector works, common detecting terms and more about our superior technologies. You’ll also find plenty of Success Stories from real detectorists talking about their finds to get you even more excited about the fantastic hobby of metal detecting.

The catalogue is available to download, or if you would like a printed version you can request a free catalogue to be mailed to your door. Get your copy today!

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22 Sep 2011

Updates From Minelab Canada

Minelab Canada

News from the Minelab Canada blog:

This past Friday (September 16, 2011) I was pleased to meet with Clive Clynick (Canada’s famed detectorist and author) and Rob Freeman of Minelab Americas and Tim Pacan, Sales Manager at Radioworld in Toronto, ON. We met for several hours talking about Minelab Detectors, future plans for Minelab in Canada and story upon story about Clive’s detecting accomplishments and his publications.

I was glad to see Clive again! He is a great fellow and always has an interesting story or two. Clive is the author of several metal detecting books which are considered “must haves” in the metal detecting community. They are chock full of techniques, tips and tricks to operating your metal detector and finding more treasure! Clive’s most recent finds are a sight to behold and listening to the story behind them never gets old. You can find out more information on Clive’s finds by visiting his website.

Minelab Americas and Minelab Canada have been working hard on some very exciting changes that have already started. ...

To read the full story visit the Minelab Canada blog.

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19 Sep 2011

One of the Biggest Nuggets in Existence!

Eureka Echo Cover-Winter 2011

The Ausrox gold nugget, which weighs 23.26kg (748 troy ounces), was found by a very lucky prospector detecting in the eastern goldfields of Western Australia in April 2010.

The nugget will be on display at the Melbourne Museum until October 2011 as part of the gold section within the long term ‘Dynamic Earth’ exhibition.

Don’t miss this chance to see one of the biggest nuggets in existence.

The nugget’s display was facilitated by Ausrox Gold and is on loan from the Pinnacle collection.

Article courtesy of the Eureka Echo.

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17 Aug 2011

Gold Fever Gripping the Australian Outback

As the price of gold soars on concerns about the health of the global economy, more and more people are giving up lucrative day jobs for a chance at the quick riches and adventure offered by old-fashioned prospecting reports the New York Times.

"Gold prices are up 23 percent since the beginning of this year alone. As a result, more and more people are giving up lucrative jobs in cities in Australia for a chance at the quick riches and adventure offered by old-fashioned prospecting. ...

... 'People have never been really game enough to let go of their security of having their job and their home," Ms. Ellis said. "But what I'm seeing is lifestyle change and that this is something where you can actually make money. It can be a life-changing event. All you need is a nugget, and it's a life-changing event.' ...

... One defining feature of the current gold rush, many say, is the age of those joining up. Whereas prospecting for gold has traditionally been a hobby associated with the elderly, many of those moving out to the country are well below retirement age."

Read the full article at the New York Times website.

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15 Aug 2011

Video Success Stories Now Accepted!

video success stories.jpg

Great news for all Minelab users!

Throughout the years we have heard lots of amazing stories about all kinds of exciting discoveries made by Minelab users around the world. Many of them are available for you to read on our Success Stories page.

Earlier this year we introduced great new prizes for our Find of the Month competition in which we award the winner with a US$250* Minelab voucher! We are now very pleased to announce that, in addition to this ongoing competition, Minelab will be accepting short videos as part of Success Story submissions.

If you have a video from your latest and greatest detecting adventure and would like to submit your video as a Success Story simply fill out the Submit a Story form and attach your video. Any video presenting an entertaining story of a find made with a Minelab metal detector will be in the running to win Find of the Month. The video can be up to 5 minutes long and up to 500MB in size, in any of the following formats avi, wmv, mov, mp4, mpg.

If you don’t have a video to submit but still have a great story to tell and photos you would like to send in don’t worry! Chances for winning the Find of The Month prize are equal whether you send a video or write a story illustrated by your pictures.

So, if you have made a great find and would like to tell the world about it, why not send in your story and go in the running to win a US$250* Minelab voucher and more!

In the meantime, our first video Success Story, submitted by Gerry’s Metal detectors, is now available to watch here.

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18 Jul 2011

NEW 15” ALL TERRAIN 7.5kHz X-TERRA Coil by Coiltek Manufacturing

Coiltek Manufacturing X-TERRA coil

Minelab is delighted to announce that as a result of collaboration with Coiltek Manufacturing, Coiltek has developed a great NEW 15” ALL TERRAIN 7.5kHz accessory coil to supplement the accessory range currently available for the ever-popular X-TERRA Series.

This waterproof ALL TERRAIN coil is compatible with Minelab’s VFLEX technology and is designed to give improved depth and ground coverage for larger targets. This new coil will be a great addition to the current range of Minelab manufactured X-TERRA Series coils. During testing it has already produced a number of significant finds at varying depths. Offering increased flexibility for X-TERRA users to customise their detector to suit their individual detecting needs this coil would be a great addition to your X-TERRA detecting kit.

Coiltek has been manufacturing metal detector accessories and coils for over 15 years and through their involvement with the detecting community encourages this wonderful hobby to continue to grow and prosper. An Australian company, they have built a network spanning the globe including USA, UK, Europe and Russia.

For more information on this exciting new coil please visit the Coiltek website or contact Coiltek directly.

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01 Jul 2011

Warranty Now Transferable

Warranty Card

Minelab, an ISO9001 quality accredited company, currently provides a comprehensive three-year warranty for the majority of our products*. In an ongoing effort to improve our services to our valued customers, this warranty will also be transferable for new products originally purchased from an authorised Minelab dealer from July 1st, 2011. This means that any remaining warranty period can be transferred to a legitimate subsequent owner within the original country of purchase. (For complete details please refer to our full Limited Product Warranty Conditions).

This transferability will provide you with the added reasurance that we stand behind the high level of quality Minelab products have come to be known for.

Also, don’t forget when you purchase a new Minelab detector you can complete your warranty registration online at If you have purchased a second-hand Minelab detector you are also encouraged to register your details with Minelab. To do so please provide your serial number directly to your regional Minelab office as the online warranty registration is only able to accept the initial purchase details.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact your regional Minelab office.

* This includes electronic control boxes with the exception of the Excalibur (which is warranted for 12 months from the Date of Purchase), Minelab branded search coils, handles, shafts, headphones, bags and battery chargers are under warranty for a period of 3 years (36 months) from the date of retail purchase as set out in the Warranty Registration Card ("Date of Purchase").

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24 Jun 2011

Bruce Candy wins ATSE Clunies Ross Award


On Thursday 19th May 2011, Minelab’s Dr Bruce Halcro Candy was awarded the 2011 Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE) Clunies Ross Award for Leadership in Technology.

Since its establishment in 1991 by the Ian Clunies Ross Memorial Foundation, the ATSE Clunies Ross Award has become one of the pre-eminent awards for scientists, technologists and innovators across Australia.The Awards focus on the application of Australian technological science and engineering for the benefit of the community.  They highlight ATSE’s commitment to fostering innovation and commercialisation and honouring the work of those taking the nation’s leading technologies to the market place.

Bruce is one of the world’s leading experts for the development of high performance, affordable and practical hand held metal detectors and has been the key innovator and technologist at Minelab for 25 years. His theoretical and practical understanding of the metal detecting in highly mineralised soils and other difficult conditions is unmatched anywhere in the world. This award is a well deserved recognition of the key contributions Bruce has made to the advancement of hand held detection technology and the success of Minelab.

Bruce is an inspirational technologist and his work will benefit the industry for decades to come, including the deminers who are lessening the landmine menace worldwide, the gold prospectors who have generated wealth both here in Australia and worldwide and the archaeological community who benefit from the many finds by detectorists who search for old coins, treasure and relic antiquities using his technologies.

Minelab congratulates Bruce on this award and his many outstanding achievements over the last 25 years – Congratulations Bruce!

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16 Jun 2011

Minelab International Has Moved

Minelab International Office - Harbour Point

Minelab International is proud to announce the opening of its new European Headquarters at Harbour Point Business Park in Little Island, Co. Cork, Ireland, commencing Monday 13th June, 2011.

Our new contact details are:

Minelab International Ltd
Unit 207, Harbour Point Business Park
Little Island, Co. Cork

Tel: +353 (0)21 423 2352

Fax: +353 (0)21 423 2353
Email: (unchanged)

This is a very exciting time for our business and we look forward to supporting our Europe, Middle East and Africa customers into the future through our teams dedicated to Sales & Marketing, Customer Service, Finance/Administration and Warehouse/Distribution.

For more information on Cork, please view

Please Contact Us if you have any queries. We look forward to welcoming you here!

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02 Jun 2011

Free X-TERRA eBook - Available Now!

Understanding your X-TERRA front cover and pages

Want to learn more about the Minelab X-TERRA series and how to get the most out of these detectors? If so, then the new eBook ‘Understanding your X-TERRA’ is just what you have been waiting for! Written by Randy Horton, or Digger as some of you may know him better, and published by Minelab this eBook is a comprehensive guide to better ‘Understanding your X-TERRA’.

Digger has been metal detecting in the Central US for nearly 40 years and has a passion for finding old coins at old sites. In addition to performing field tests for several manufacturers (including the Minelab X-TERRA series), he also serves as Moderator on the X-TERRA forum at Find’s Treasure Forums. Digger has written several articles, and enjoys sharing his thoughts and tips on various aspects of the hobby. His detectors of choice include the X-TERRA, E-TRAC and Musketeer Advantage. The team here at Minelab are all very appreciative that Digger has taken the time to share his knowledge of the X-TERRA series with the detecting community by writing this eBook. We have enjoyed working with Randy to make this eBook come to life and we hope that you enjoy reading it!

There is a preview you can view below. The complete eBook is available to download in PDF format in the members section. If you are not a member yet don’t worry – registering is quick, easy and free – all you need to do is complete the members registration form and activate your membership. And for those that prefer to read ink on paper over pixels on the screen, we have made the download available in both A4 and US letter size paper, so be sure to choose the best format for your printer.

You’ll never know for sure... unless you read it!
Download your copy of Understanding your X-TERRA now.

More >

Understanding your X-TERRA preview - 1.10 MB

29 Apr 2011

Diggin’ In Virginia Makes History Come Alive with the GPX 5000

diggin in virginia finds

The Diggin’ in Virginia XVII Hunt was held on March 31 to April 2 this year and was attended by hundreds of relic hunting enthusiasts. Here are a few highlights of the event from Minelab’s Rob Freeman and fellow attendees:

Thank you to everyone who participated at DIV’s (Diggin’ In Virginia) 3000+ acre hunt this Spring and for stopping by the Minelab booth to say hello at the dinner that Wednesday evening. The caliber of people I had a chance to meet there was impressive. I met expert detectorists and Civil War historians alike. These guys meant serious business. I was personally intrigued with this event especially since April 12th marked the 150th anniversary of the Civil War.

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31 Mar 2011

Wedderburn gold Festival

Wedderburn gold festival

The annual Wedderburn Gold Festival, held on 12th March 2011, was another fabulous success this year with lovely blue skies and warm days in the low 20’s (Celsius).

The prospect of winning a brand new Minelab GPX 5000 had contestants coming from all parts of Victoria and interstate. About 160 took part on Saturday and a further 20 odd added to their ranks on Sunday totalling about 180 contestants all up.

The contest was a good natured affair, relying a lot on good fortune, with the winner having to find the lucky token in amongst about 200 tokens hidden in the area. A large area of forest was used so there was plenty of room for everyone, and being a well known goldfield, there was always the chance of gold nuggets coming up as well! The contestants did very well, recovering about 172 tokens of the 200 hidden.

The lucky winner this year was Mr Travis Jackson, a local prospector who is absolutely thrilled with his new GPX 5000 first prize.

In addition to the detecting championship, Wedderburn locals turned on a full festival in the street with stalls and displays. On Saturday night everyone was entertained with music and a dance.

Come one and come all … and let’s see you next year.

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21 Mar 2011

We Speak Your Language

language selection icons

Here at we have always spoken the detectorists language, but only in English. To support Minelab enthusiasts around the world we are excited to announce that we will now be bringing you information on our website in five additional languages. These include Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, French and Russian.

To view information in your language, simply select the relevant flag at the bottom right of any page within the Minelab website. If you select your flag and the page still displays English, it just means that we haven’t translated that particular page yet. We’ve started small, with translations for pages on the new GPX Series metal detectors, but we have big plans to grow the number of pages we translate over the coming months. So remember to check back regularly, there will be a lot more translated information coming soon for each of these languages.

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04 Mar 2011

Minelab in ‘The Race for Gold’

The Race For Gold logo

Minelab is pleased to announce our partnership with “The Race for Gold”, a team-based gold discovery and recovery competition program. Minelab detectors will be provided to each of the teams to utilise in their quest to find the most gold. This is an exciting opportunity for us to be involved in a venture that will promote the enjoyment of metal detecting and discovering gold, to a wide audience in countries across the world.

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The Race For Gold and Minelab.pdf - 7.79 KB

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01 Feb 2011

US$250 Reward!

Voucher star (US).png

The Minelab Find of the Month competition just got a whole lot better. As of February 2011 the winner of the monthly competition will not only receive a Minelab backpack stuffed full of accessories but also a US$250 voucher* towards their next Minelab purchase. This voucher is redeemable against the purchase of any Minelab products from your local authorised Minelab dealer.

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24 Nov 2010

Minor production defect in some 11" Monoloop Commander coils

It has come to our attention that a small number of recently manufactured 11” Monoloop coils may have a manufacturing defect.

Due to the increased sensitivity and quieter operation of the new GPX 5000, some customers have reported experiencing false signals from slight bumping of their 11” Monoloop coil whilst detecting, e.g. bumping the coil against rocks, grass clumps or the like. Note that all coils will give false signals if bumped or knocked hard enough, however the coils in question are more sensitive to such slight bumping.

Through testing we have determined that a minor production inconsistency at our Australian manufacturing facility has caused a small proportion of 11” Monoloop coils to exhibit this problem. This inconsistency is not present in any other Commander coils, nor the 11” Monoloop Commander coils that were manufactured before May 2010. Also, all Commander coils produced by our overseas manufacturing partner, Plexus, do not have this issue and are working correctly.

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11 Oct 2010

Explorer & Safari Promotion

explorer se pro safari promo news article
Finding amazing treasure is great fun for the whole family! Now Minelab’s coin and relic detectors are better value than ever before. From the 15th October 2010 to 31st January 2011 Minelab will be offering special holiday packages on the very popular Safari and Explorer SE Pro detectors. For more information on these great offers, contact your local authorised Minelab dealer today. Contact details for all authorised Minelab dealers can be found on the ‘Where To Buy’ page.

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08 Oct 2010

Minelab USA Partner Awards

Minelab USA Partner Awards 2010

In September 2010 Minelab held the inaugural Minelab USA Partner Conference in Las Vegas. This conference was not only a great opportunity for Minelab USA Partners to learn more about Minelab products but also a chance for Minelab to recognise outstanding the performance of some of our authorised Minelab dealers with awards presented in two categories: Partner Excellence and Sales Excellence. Please help all of us at Minelab in congratulating the 2009-10 award winners.

The winners of the Partner Excellence awards are…

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20 Sep 2010

Minelab Americas NEW Technology Training Center

Minelab Arizona Technology Training Center

Minelab Americas are proud to announce the opening of a new Technology Training Center located in Prescott Valley – Dewey Arizona and would like to invite you to the grand opening.

When: September 24th 2010 from 9am – 6pm
Where: 1191 Old Chisholm Trail, Prescott Valley – Dewey Arizona 86327

Throughout the day you will have the opportunity to see lectures presented by some of your favourite Minelab Partners and to get hands on with the entire range of current Minelab detectors, including the all new GPX 4800 and GPX 5000. Refreshments including burgers, dogs and water will be served all day.


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13 Sep 2010

Online Warranty Registration HERE NOW!

Online warranty registration is now available at making it quicker and easier than ever before to register your new Minelab products. This allows you to submit your warranty form with a few simple clicks, from the comfort of your own home or office, wherever you are worldwide.

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30 Aug 2010

New Videos

The second in the series of new Minelab commercials is now airing in the USA on the Outdoor Channel during the GPAA show &lsquoGold Fever’. If you haven't seen it already you can now watch it here.


There is also a new video available in the members section on the GPX 5000 Fine Gold Timing. So log in or register now and check it out!

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23 Aug 2010

The wait is almost over...

GPX 5000 control box

For those of you that are interested in the NEW Minelab GPX 4800 and GPX 5000 detectors full product information is now available in the product section of 

Here you will find detailed information on the features and functions of these new detectors, as well as photos, model specifications and product manuals. As an extra treat for the members of we also have an introductory video to share with you, so log in or register now to view the video. And remember to keep checking back regularly as we will continue to post new GPX information over the coming weeks, including a Fine Gold Timing video, Treasure Talk posts and a knowledge base article. 

The GPX 4800 and GPX 5000 detectors will be available for sale on 30th August 2010. For more information please contact Minelab directly or your local authorised Minelab dealer to place an order.

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16 Aug 2010


metal detector - coming soon

The team here at Minelab have been working hard behind the scenes to improve your detecting experience and bring you something new. So the time has come to say farewell to the GPX-4500 and welcome in the new breed of GPX detectors. We would love to tell you more about exactly what we have been working on, so log in to the members section now if you would like to find out more.

If you haven't yet registered to become a member of all you need to do is fill out and submit this simple form here. Finding out first about new product releases is just one of many benefits to come for members. We are working on building these benefits over the coming months so watch this space!

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30 Jul 2010


With the continuing goal of informing our customers of counterfeit Minelab products being sold on the internet from unauthorised black market manufacturers and dealers we have recently become aware of a particular seller on eBay, Northeast Distributors. Please be warned – the eBay seller Northeast Distributors is NOT authorised to sell Minelab products. To ensure you are purchasing a genuine Minelab product, we strongly recommend that you only purchase from authorised Minelab dealers as listed on our WHERE TO BUY page.

If you have any doubts if a dealer is an officially authorised Minelab dealer you can also ask Minelab using the CONTACT US section of to contact the regional office closest to you.

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16 Jul 2010

Minelab commercial world premiere!

Since the very beginning, Minelab Electronics have carved out a reputation for leading the way in utilising new technologies in our metal detectors. But our love of all things technologically great doesn’t end with our metal detectors… we use the world’s leading technologies in everything we do. 

Minelab USA has recently been working closely with the Gold Prospectors Association of America (GPAA) and the Outdoor Channel as a sponsor of their popular series ‘Gold Fever’. As a part of this the Minelab team has been hard at work, in conjunction with the Glenn Group, to create a series of four commercials showcasing the Minelab range of metal detectors to air during the series...

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09 Jul 2010

Huge hoard of Roman coins found with a Minelab Explorer II

One of the largest ever finds of Roman coins in Britain has been made using a Minelab Explorer II. The hoard was 14 inches deep, containing over 52,000 coins and dates back to the 3rd Century AD.

Read the full story on the BBC News website and watch a brief interview with the man who made the find on the BBC Two archaeology series, Digging for Britain here.

There is also a more in depth interview available on the 891 ABC Adelaide blog here.

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08 Jul 2010

Commander Coil Availability & Counterfeits

Here at Minelab we have recently been experiencing extraordinarily high levels of demand for our premium Minelab accessory coils. As a result there is currently a supply shortage on the very popular 15” x 12” Semi-Elliptical Commander Monoloop Coil. This coil will be unavailable for supply until late July, 2010 at the earliest.

The team at Minelab is working hard to overcome these issues and will be doing whatever it takes to resolve the current supply shortage to make these coils available as soon as possible.

As warned previously, Minelab has become increasingly aware of counterfeit Minelab products, including Commander coils, on the market. One example of such counterfeit coils is shown in photos A and C. At first glance this product and its packaging appears to be Minelab. However, if you look closely at the logo you will notice it is actually comprised of the letters A and V compared to the official trademarked Minelab logo which is comprised of the letters M and E.

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02 Jul 2010

GPX-4500 Dual Coil Product Offer EXTENDED

GPX-4500 Dual Coil metal detector

Great news!! The Minelab GPX-4500 Dual Coil product offer has been so popular that Minelab have extended it through until 31st August, 2010. The GPX-4500 remains better value than ever before, but for a limited time only!

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02 Jul 2010

Minelab Strikes Gold in Chicago!

minelab chicago office

Minelab USA is Downers Grove (Chicago area), Illinois' newest business member!

The world famous metal detection technologies company, known for its exclusive premier level gold detecting machines and coin, relic, and treasure detectors, has moved its headquarters to Downers Grove, Illinois. With record sales and a business plan for focused business growth, Minelab has chosen to more centrally locate their Minelab USA headquarters. The Chicago area is the perfect central location to further expand and support its operations. Minelab USA Vice President Gary Schafer states, “We are excited about the opportunity to better serve our North and South American markets with a more centrally located sales and service center. While we are maintaining a sales office in Las Vegas our new Minelab America’s headquarters features a Customer Care Center and product distribution point. We are now officially opened in Downers Grove, Illinois – a western suburb of Chicago.”

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01 Jul 2010

X-TERRA 705 Gold Pack Released

X-TERRA 705 Gold Pack metal detector

Minelab’s X-TERRA 705 dual purpose metal detector is now available with a high frequency 18.75kHz elliptical coil in the X-TERRA 705 Gold Pack.

The X-TERRA 705 has two specific modes, coin mode and prospecting mode. In prospecting mode the X-TERRA 705 uses a modulated threshold tone to maximise sensitivity and depth when prospecting for gold.

The X-TERRA 705 Gold Pack’s high frequency Double-D elliptical coil greatly enhances its gold prospecting performance. This is because goldfields tend to occur in mineralised ground and the blade like search pattern of a Double-D coil rejects more ground noise than a concentric coil. Also, the coil’s high frequency is extremely sensitive and perfectly suited for finding small pieces of gold.

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11 Jun 2010

Minelab: Quality Design and Manufacture for the World

Minelab metal detectors - quality

All Minelab products are designed and manufactured to a very high level of quality. With ISO9001:2000 quality accreditation being a minimum standard for both our Design team and Manufacturing partners...

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17 May 2010

Beware of counterfeit Minelab products being sold on the internet and from unauthorised black market manufacturers and dealers!

Counterfeit GPX-4500 Gold Detector

Only purchase from Minelab authorised dealers as listed on

The high demand for quality Minelab gold detectors has seen an increasing number of poor performing counterfeit products being sold via websites and black market dealers around the world.

More >

Counterfeit GPX-4500 metal detectors - Arabic - 17th May 2010 - 1.39 MB
Counterfeit GPX-4500 metal detectors - French - 17th May 2010 - 358.38 KB

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12 Apr 2010


GPX-4500 Dual Coil metal detector

The GPX-4500 is now better value than ever before!

Minelab’s standard GPX-4500 product configuration with the versatile 11” Double-D coil for all round gold detecting, will now be supplied, for a limited time, with an additional 15" x 12" Semi-Elliptical Commander Double-D Coil.

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05 Oct 2009

Rare Haul of Iron Age Gold Discovered in Scotland

Amateur treasure hunter David Booth discovered a rare haul of Iron Age gold with his metal detector in Septebmber 2009 it has been announced. The finds include four torcs, or neckbands, three of which are in near perfect condition and date from the 1st to the 3rd century BC – an era before the Romans invaded Britain. Speaking of his dicovery Mr Booth said "it was the first thing I'd ever found really so it was really unbelievable. I basically parked the car up and got the metal detector out and picked a direction to set off and about seven steps later there it was. It was the first thing I came across."

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29 Sep 2009

Largest Hoard of Anglo-Saxon Treasure Ever Found

"An unemployed British man has unearthed the largest hoard of Anglo-Saxon gold ever found with the help of his metal detector. Experts are now calculating its value - a process that could take more than a year because of its size...More than 1,500 pieces of treasure - including around 5kg of gold and 2.5kg of silver - has now been uncovered."

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21 Aug 2009

MineLab's Kevin Hoagland detects with's Edwin Waters

"I had the most fortunate encounter with a very knowledgeable man by the name of Kevin Hoagland, who is the Director of Dealer Development for MineLab metal detectors, while I took part of the GPAA’s Alaska Expedition near Nome, Alaska (which is known for it’s very fine beach gold).  After I started to pick his brain, I found out he was a well of information on metal detecting and learned quite a great deal."

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15 Apr 2009

Minelab owners find a rare treasure

Three X-TERRA 70 users have found a rare silver/gold treasure. With the help of the detectorists the site has been further investigated by a local museum.

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19 Jan 2009

Minelab owner receives prestigious award

Such acknowledgement reflects the positive contribution that metal detectorists make towards preserving heritage.

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17 Jan 2009

Minelab enthusiast recovers ancient gold fortune

"A Minelab metal detecting enthusiast, in Suffolk, England, has recovered one of the largest hoards of Iron Age gold coins in Britain since 1849. Reportedly valued at up to £250,000, the coins are said to date back to some time between 40BC and 15AD and are thought to have been minted by predecessors of the Iceni Queen Boudicca."

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03 Nov 2008

Minelab scoops award for engineering excellence

Minelab has been announced the winner of an Engineering Excellence Award for its latest ground-breaking technology development, SETA (Smart Electronic Timing Alignment), a prominent innovation behind the company's recent product release, the GPX-4500. Minelab scoops award for engineering excellence.

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10 Oct 2008

Discovering Jordan

The Great Arab Revolt Project (GARP) is planned as a ten-year project to investigate First World War archaeology in Jordan and develop new heritage sites for visitors. In contrast to the Western Front, where considerable fieldwork has taken place, First World War remains in Jordan have never been systematically investigated.

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19 Jun 2008

Minelab detectors score leading roles

Currently in the running for a BAFTA in the UK, 'The Beachcombers', a short film proudly supported by Minelab, has been selected as one of the six cross-London finalists in the ITV Best of Boroughs competition - recognising the best short films made in London over the past year.

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23 Jan 2008

Bronze Age Hoard - The Daily Mail Newspaper, UK

Bus driver and metal detector fanatic Tom Peirce is in for a bumper pay day after unearthing 500 Bronze Age artifacts - one of the largest ever ancient finds.

Amateur treasure hunter Mr Peirce started combing a field after dropping off a school coach party at a farm - and now he could have a haul worth more than £80,000 on his hands.

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